Hello from a... sort of- newcomer!


Hello everyone! I figured I should introduce myself and start socializing with people in this community now that I’ve started getting invested into romhacking-

So, my name is Scarlet! I’m a longtime FE fan who started with Sacred Stones when I was a little kid and when I got a bit older I discovered Serenesforest. I was- er, am- kinda shy and awkward so back then I always just lurked in the forums and followed old hacks like Dream of Five and TLP and thought they were the coolest things ever!

I kinda fell off Serenes during the 3ds era but kept my love of fire emblem the whole time, and now some like, 10+ years later I’ve reignited my interest in romhacks and want to make one of my own! So while I continue to learn and get comfortable with FEB I hope I can get to know you all and find a place here in this community!


Hello! Hope you like it here.

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Welcome! I was also awkward when I was younger and lurked for a while before joining, so I know the feeling. Hope you enjoy your time here and learning to hack!

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Welcome to the For- oh wait, wrong forum. Welcome! I look forward to whatever you can come up with using FEB.


You can call me Fates, welcome to 'Universe!

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Welcome, lurking is a very productive thing to do here. I hope you are successful in your hacks.



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Ah, a fellow wanderer far from the forest. Welcome! Good luck with the hack! Hope you enjoy your time here.

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