Hello Everyone :)

I’ve lurked on this site for a while, made a few posts but not really contributed to the forum, and I figured that it was long overdue that I formally introduce myself to a bunch of strangers on the internet :+1:

My name is Schall, and I enjoy singing, acting, writing, and talking about movies and TV shows I enjoy. I’m currently 19 years old, almost 20, and while I’m not a stranger to FE by any means, I’m a bit of a filthy casual. My favorite FE is 13, and from there it goes (for the ones I’ve played) FE4, FE7, Revelations, Conquest, FE15, FE6, FE8, Birthright. I won’t touch Archanea or FE5 with a 10 foot pole, and if I’m being honest the last three games on my list there bored me to death and I didn’t finish them.

I’m relatively new to the hacking scene, and I’m not very good at most of the skills that are required for it. I can’t sprite super well, coding makes my head hurt, and I still have a lot to learn about mapping. However, I adore writing and if you want a writer for a project, I will be happy to try and help out so I can get more involved in this community. I also have a personal project but it’s currently really rough. So yeah, hello to everyone, I hope I can get to know you all better.


Hi Schall, welcome (sort of) to FEU

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Welcome! What hacking software are you using?
FEBuilder is the hot new thing right now, but if even that’s giving you trouble, I strongly recommend SRPG Studio. It’s tailor-made for Fire Emblem clones and you can do crazy things like giant FE4-style maps that not many hacks have been able to do.

Von, I’m using FEB. It’s not really giving me trouble, it’s just a lot for just me, since I’m new to making this stuff myself. It’s a ton of trial and error, but that’s okay. I’m enjoying every minute of working on my project, even if it’s not nearly as good as other things I’ve seen around.

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Saw you on discord, welcome !


Hello, welcome to the forums Schall!
Mapping was a confusing mess for me when
I first tried it as well, but as you do it more the way tiles
tiles connect and their purpose will start coming to you more naturally.
I’m sure you’ll improve as you work on your hack.

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