Hello everyone. I am stepping down


Effective as of this posting I am stepping down from my moderator duties, on both the forum and the Discord. I effectively made this decision months ago (you may have noticed my relative inactivity - I would like to take this moment to apologize for that) but I have talked it over with Cam and am making it official now.

Over the years it has become increasingly clear to me that my differences of opinion with other staff members - both on matters of site/server policy and the underlying philosophy - are beyond my power to reconcile. Internal discussions felt increasingly like me resisting or pushing back against everyone else, without actually changing anyone’s mind. Further, over time I have felt increasingly disconnected from the community socially, while dealing with my own internal struggles.

On that note: as part of the process of getting my personal stuff back in order, I am setting up a separate Discord server, specifically to discuss my FE-related work. It is owned and operated by a separate account (“Paulette S. Serrano”, per previous FEE3 entries). If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach me there (I will edit in a link when it is ready to open to the public) or on my main Discord account. It is unlikely that I will participate much in FEU in the future, except perhaps to make brief announcements (I will try not to be annoyingly self-promotional).

Thank you for your attention. It has been a long ride and I have especially good memories with many of you.


zahl, you’ve been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember being in this community. I can’t think of anybody else that exists that has taught me as much as you have.

Best of luck with your future work!


My first contribution to FEU was the development of an improved version of your song editor.
Thank you for your contribution to the comminity so far.
I have learnt a lot from you code.
I am not sure how this happened is not clear to me, but I look forward to seeing you on the new server.


If you’re talking about your cool dsa stuff, I think you should just use #leet_haxing for it. I get that having a separate discord can make sense for popular, active projects (eg. for Avenir, Pokemblem, or NGMansion) but I don’t think there’s too much merit to starting your own server with such a small demographic in mind. For better or worse, we’re stuck with each other. :rofl:

That aside, I wish you the best with your endeavours and I hope that you will stick around with the community in some capacity, even if it isn’t necessarily on feu or that often.


I remember it well. Thank you as well for your contributions. I’m happy I could inspire you.

That would of course be easier, but I did put considerable thought into this. I have many projects in mind aside from dsa including a hack. I also want to be able to have organized discussion and feedback (especially as regards which of my many, many ideas would be most valued by others). But I think most important is the psychological factor. By having a place where I set the rules, I hope to improve my focus and motivation, and stop procrastinating (especially as regards dsa).

Just to be clear: I don’t seek to “fracture the community” or anything, and I’m not especially concerned with who or how many people show up. I will certainly stick around at least to make announcements, and maybe even share more neat stuff in the glitch thread.


5 months later, the Discord is live: The ℤone

Sorry about the delay. Apparently I am not good at getting myself to do things.