Hello everyone Astra here

Hi my Screen name is Astra (Yes like the Skill!) and I saw this little Introductions topic category and thought I should Introduce myself.

I’m a huge Fire emblem fan who started with 7 and found out about Fates when finishing 7. I
I ended up buying Fates and enjoying it for the most part ( I cant say I like it as much now for a second Fire Emblem game It sure introduce me to something new.) I believe I got Shadow Dragon DS next which I really liked but never finished for what ever reason. Awakening was next and I enjoyed it. Now I don’t like the map design in mid game and that’s left me a bit sour. Love Echoes but I want to give it a second play through to refine my thoughts. That’s about my history with Fire Emblem. I’ve played almost every game except the Nes games and Wii/Game Cube ones and New Mystery/Mystery but I still hope to play them

I am mainly on here to learn how to Mod/Hack Fire Emblem games from the GBA series. I have been trying to learn for a while now and have been a bit lost in it all. I have little programing knowledge that I picked up from my tech school and what I try to teach my self.

I guess this is a bit long sorry about that. I hope that I will be able to become a Master Fire Emblem Hacker one day and to have a Fire Emblem community to talk too.


Welcome Astra and welcome to the community. Hope that you have fun talking with us☺.

Welcome Astra to FEU. If your new to hacking I recommend looking at Ultimate Tutorial 2 for buildfiles if your looking to hack efficiently.I also reccomend the FEU discord. It’s way more active than here and you can ask for hacking help there or just to hang out. Hope you enjoy your stay here!

Thanks for the advice. I just joined the Discort server.

Welcome to 'Universe!