Heeello everyone

XPGamesNL here, back with another Fire Emblem Builder tutorial. Nah just kidding. I’m matrixed I guess. I spent too much time watching these (awesome) videos on YouTube.
As the above might suggest, I am currently working on my own humble ROM hack and decided to move forward with my registration on FEU. From the posts I read so far the atmosphere around here seems very nice and I feel I could learn much from the community.
I am French, am a father of two, love J- and Tactical RPGs and practice running, trail and crossfit.
Looking forward to interacting with y’all!


XPGamesNL the source of kidnapping a lot people into FE hacking getting a lot people interested in FE hacking! Hoy there, newbie! Don’t get eaten by wild cabbages. …not that there are any here, probably, just a general heads up.


I have been summoned…

Happy to see you here at FEU Pierre! I’m very curious to what you’re going to be cooking up here on the site! From what I’ve already seen from you, FEU is going to love your stuff! Hopefully your time here will be amazing!

I’m not going to stop converting people to the FEBuilder religion by the way.


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