Hd filter on mgba or vba-m

I’m trying to figure out how to smooth and upscale the graphics on either emulator(whichever does it better) and I’m wondering which setup would be best to achieve it on fullscreen mode. I usually play on my psvita with oled and it looks amazing on it but trying to play on computer atm.

In Mgba there’s a few shaders you could use, just go to tools-> settings → shaders and you should be able to load a shader to see how it looks, there are quite a few options, test them out and see which one you’re a fan of.
Also, depending on the size of your monitor I would recommend just leaving it windowed, if it’s a fairly large screen I don’t think any sort of filter will make a GBA game meant for a small screen look good.

Thanks for the reply, I tried them out and I think I’m just going to stick to my psvita. Nothing I’ve come across can match that screen quality.

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