Having trouble

I have run into trouble, the main lord (Ben) completely disappears from gameplay aspects of the game on ch4 but still shows up in story. I have changed nothing from the base game at all except portraits animations and dialogue. I haven’t touched the events at all.

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This isn’t much info to go off of, but I’d guess it has something to do with the type of unit placer event you used.

Here are the most common unit placing events:
LOAD 1 - Spawns units and if they’re blue and not already recruited, makes them join the party.
LOAD 2 - Spawns units and (usually) auto-deletes them at the end of the cutscene.
LOAD 3 - Spawns units in given locations based on the most recently deployed player units.

If you’re already using the right one of these (either 1 or maybe 3 if you’ve made it to battle preps), I don’t know what would cause this without knowing more.

Commonly when this happens it’s because people gave the unit the Supply flag, which hides the unit from preparations. If that’s the case then simply remove that flag.

If that is not the issue, send a report7z, because otherwise we’re unable to investigate and would have to waste more time guessing.