Hard Mode Bonuses in the Japanese FE7

According to Mangs in our Let’s Play of Lyn’s Revenge, Bosses were stronger in the Japanese version of FE7. I snooped around and found that the Final chapter was also more difficult in the japanese version: two doors open instead of one per turn.

So I’m curious. Does anyone know if Lyn and Eliwood mode got hard mode bonuses just like Hector Hard Mode? Are the hard mode bonuses anything like FE6’s? I can’t find a save file that will allow me to quickly see if this is true or not on my own, but I can imagine other english players felt the same and didn’t want to check. =X

That’s interesting.
I don’t see why they wouldn’t get hard mode levels. What would be the point of Eliwood/Lyn hard mode, then?

It changes certain enemy stats (Fargus, for example), enemy equipment, and enemy composition, while Eliwood Hard at least also gets Hector Hard Mode’s experience deductions and deployment slot deductions. Off the top of my head, might be inaccurate.

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