Handaxe issue?

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  • Hacking method: FEbuilder
  • Base Game: Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones
  • Steps to reproduce: - Rerunning animations, checking specific item animations.
Whenever any of the custom classes that I've added have any interaction with a handaxe, they freeze. No idea what's happening. Please help

Did you give them animations for using hand axes? If you look at any vanilla axe-using class, you’ll notice they need to specify the different animation they use for ranged axes, since unlike lances axes generally use a completely separate animation for throwing. My guess is you didn’t do this, and their normal animation doesn’t include a working ranged anim, so when they try to use their ranged animation, it breaks.

So I have the proper item distinctions and animations in place for them. The problem I am running into is when an ENEMY unit uses a handaxe against a custom class. It’ll miss and they’ll dodge but from there it freezes.