Hacking Milestones Poll - [x/80] achieved!

How this works:

Check off all that apply to you. Come back later and check more off, if you’d like.

  • Credited in another project (eg. for your art or asm)
  • Made an asset for a specific project
  • Has made a lava or desert map
  • Imported a song to a project
  • Posted to the Amusing Glitches thread
  • Provided someone with feedback in #playtesting
  • Posted feedback on someone’s project thread
  • Participated in a portrait making contest
  • Participated in any forum contest
  • Downloaded from the Music Repo
  • Tried out an incomplete project
  • Posted in somebody’s Introduction thread
  • Heard discussion of “skill bloat”
  • Created your own Creative thread
  • Created your own Asm thread
  • Solved someone’s #questions thread
  • Watched an FEE3 video
  • Participated in FEE3 yourself
  • Tried out FE_Map_Creator’s map generation
  • Edited a map using Tiled

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X / 20 so far

  • Patched a rom
  • Tried a fangame
  • Tried out many fangames
  • Completed a fangame
  • Played a hack on your phone
  • Made an asm hack
  • Worked with game procs
  • Wrote a support between your characters
  • Played a reskin or randomizer
  • Completed a project with 2 or more chapters
  • Abandoned a project
  • Created an entry for a MAFC
  • Participated in a One Hour Blitz
  • Involved yourself in a Community Blitz
  • Downloaded art from the Graphics Repo
  • Created a custom spell or battle animation
  • Shared something to the graphics repo
  • Made a hex edit
  • Worked on your fangame to avoid other responsibilities
  • Procrastinated

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X / 40 now

  • Got a colored role on discord
  • Shared a chapter in #playtesting on feu’s discord
  • Shared a map for critique in #cartography
  • Got stumped and sent a report7z for help
  • Ran Makehack.cmd
  • Used a buildfile
  • Edited a line or more of asm
  • Re-paletted something
  • Shared script ideas in #writans
  • Posted a custom or spliced mug to #spritans
  • Had a discussion argument in #fe_design_meta_etc
  • Ported a song and shared it in #music
  • Replaced vba with mGBA
  • Used febuilder’s “connect to emulator”
  • Used no$gba to debug something
  • Created 1 chapter
  • Created 5 chapters
  • Created 10 chapters
  • Created 20 chapters
  • Created 30+ chapters

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X / 60

  • Told someone to check the pins
  • Heard someone post stats or growths with no context
  • Tried out Tactile, Lex Talionis, or SRPG Studio
  • Tried all 3
  • Shared a fangame made in one of these engines with at least 2 chapters
  • Seen discussion focused on 1-2 range bows
  • Added a new class to a project
  • “the last promise 2”
  • Posted in a thread that later got locked (but not because of you)
  • Heard “how do I change Moulder’s class?”
  • Know how to do party switches
  • Encountered an “idea guy”
  • Made a chapter with an unusual objective (eg. Kill two bosses)
  • Encountered a self-insert
  • Edited weather movement costs
  • Heard “If you’re using febuilder, #febuilder_help
  • Added a playable non-human class to a project
  • Heard “if you have a question, please send report7z”
  • Investigated someone else’s report7z / bug for them
  • Credited in a Febuilder patch

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X / 80 achieved

Feel free to suggest new poll entries. (I cannot edit the poll, but I can add more polls to my post.)

I thought this might be a fun way for people to get more involved with the community. I imagine the poll answers as badges that you have to specifically request. :sweat_smile:

i must collect all the milestones now


There are currently 80 milestones. Post how many you have achieved, if you like!

Eg. I have 61 / 80 possible

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Surprised to see script writing so low! Figured people would have done that a bit more.

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Got a colored role on Discord

Does grey count

Was feeling pretty good in the first one with a solid 16/20, but my morale dropped in the second one with a meager 7/20.

Some suggestions:
-Chastised at least 1 idea guy
-Posted stats/growths/numbers with no context and asked for opinions
-Asked how to change Moulder’s class
-Asked how to disable the route split
-Has party switching/route splits in a hack
-Made a chapter with a multi-something objective (defeat all bosses, seize multiple tiles, etc)
-Has put a self-insert in at least 1 hack
-Edited weather movement costs
-Has a playable non-human class in a hack
-Disabled branched promotions in fe8
-Investigated someone else’s report7z
-Solved a report7z
-Did not send a report7z even after being asked to do so
-Has made an Febuilder patch

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Perhaps there should be some options for having made things in say, Lex Talionis or Tactile, that are of course FE fangames but not hacks per se.

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There also should be options for giving feedback/critique to completed projects, as well as giving feedback/critique to WIP projects.

Sure, I switched from VBA to mGBA. Then I switched back because mGBA fuckin SUCKS.


The second page of the milestones is the thing I should work most on :laughing:. I really have to get more involved with the Discord. I like this achievement thingy a lot :smiley:

Maybe these would be fun to add:

  • Changed the range of short bows to 1-2
  • Added a new class to a project
  • Has been mentioned in another project
  • Has made a lava or desert map
  • Has imported a song in a project
  • Encountered a funny glitch while editing
  • Has played The Last Promise

And most importantly:

  • Had fun while creating a project
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I would argue against having milestones that aren’t objectively an achievement.

Like, game design decisions.

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Thanks for the concrete suggestions @Shuusuke, @XPGamesNL, and others with vague ones.

I have added 20 more. There are a few of yours I will try to add to the next 20 @XPG if some more suggestions come in. :slight_smile:

I agree, so questions have been worded as “Heard: how do I change Moulder’s class?”. This way we aren’t encouraging deliquency! Just observing it whistles innocently :relieved:


Like, how is an achievement objective? What anyone classifies as an achievement is entirely subjective.

Platinum means that subjective decisions while hacking are not achievements. For example:

I couldn’t include this one, because it does not necessarily improve your hack or hacking ability.

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Improvement is subjective.

What do you mean by this exactly?
Do you mean credited for your asset? (eg. portrait, animation, or asm)

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Credited for an asset, yes. That would improve your hacking/contributing skill somewhat right?

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When do we hear the “Bleep-Bloop!” from our XBox 360s when we unlock these achievables?

Oh my god this reference is from 2008.


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I don’t want to claim superiority or anything but…


Yeah, thanks.

Mainly trying for these sort of achievements:

  • Community involvement
  • Project progress
  • Hacking ability
  • Some silly ones (usually to do with social interactions)

Edit: Ok. Added 20 more.
I think I am out of ideas for now. But I am accepting suggestions. It’d be cool to hit 100. :+1:


I got 56/80, or 70%.

I need a snazzy title now.

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