Hack Videos/LPs

Looking for new background noise when I’m working.

Are there any youtube channels that do hack LPs?

I am familiar w/ the “big” names who occasionally dabble, but looking for something new to put on.


EDIT: Preferably someone who also isn’t blatantly horny when doing commentary, too.


i mean I’ve done–



Yeah I recognize this is a challenging requirement in the FE community lol


i mean when I see jayson i act up :weary:

but yeah I did dream of five and road to ruin a while ago
haven’t done any recently though

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I know of Cornchip who has done The Last Promise, Dark Deity, Vision Quest and The Sun God’s Wrath.
He’s pretty chill, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Me, I have completed The Last Promise, Justice & Pride and am currently doing Dark Lord & The Maiden of Light.

My commentary is a bit wack though I’ll admit.


I think your Let’s plays are good. You have a nice voice to listen to and your commentary is quite entertaining even if it is a bit wack.

I would have loved to do hack Let’s plays myself. Somehow haven’t done them yet. Then again, who would listen to me playing games lol. :laughing:


Xetetic has done LPs on a few hacks, including project ember, the four kings, and seven siblings, he also has done a few video essays.

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I know Mageknight404 did some Let’s Plays with Fire Emblem ROM hacks. Just a few of them.

I don’t know many who do so other than Leche’s playtests. But a buddy of mine by the name of Attila did a lot of hacks a while ago: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJkIYXdy2Wb5L0ljAq5yhOQ

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I heard a guy named nadnap has made some chill LPs.

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