Hack scripts which you enjoy

A hack’s a writing is usually not a big deal compared to GAMEPLAY but it does contribute quite a bit to how enjoyable it is for me.
I personally haven’t played many so I don’t have a large sample size, but anyone who has known me for more than 3 seconds can probably guess my opinion on Vision Quest’s script.

I’m interested to hear some opinions on scripts which you’ve enjoyed, whether it be due to how complex its worldbuilding is, the unique premises of its characters, or even in an ironic manner.
Give some reasons down below!


THWD, for being a funny meme hack. It’s a rare thing, you know. Also for the Quebec City slander; screw Quebec City.


I haven’t tried THWD, but I think it’s great when a hack doesn’t take itself too seriously.

A number of meme hacks use offensive language or say inappropriate things in an attempt to be humourous and edgy. I can’t stand that sort of thing, but I wish more hacks were a little more light-hearted or even silly.

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fire emblem the last promise 1

Seriously. TLP is hardly known for its good writing, but who doesn’t love semi-ironically reading Kelik’s edgy monologues?


I thought I sprinkled that in subtly.

As for hack scripts I enjoy: I dont pay much attention to the scripts, but I do enjoy how the Guardian Spirit from Avenir is written to be cheeky despite being some sort of omnipresent entity.

I really enjoy the writing of Faith and Blood, even if I can’t remember everything, but I liked the tension that came from the Landon and Elias’s actions in the prologue and their interactions with Victoria. Also, despite not knowing much about the main antagonist (at least I think we didn’t learn much, it’s been a while) I found it interesting how assertive he was and how he was so straightforward about his goal.


Not trying to shill, but I am trying to emphasize story as the primary focus for my project, Hiraeth. Unfortunately, my actual writing isn’t that great, so it’s definitely a WIP.

If you want me to talk about something else, TLP has writing that’s so bad it’s good. Def ironic appreciation.


I agree, THWD is epic and funny and I never have found it cringe.

I unironically like VBA’s writing mostly because it’s short and I know what’s going on.

Dream of Five character writing and dialogue is my favorite in romhacks. Even if the plot can be hard to follow, the moment to moment character interactions are poignant as far as hackroms go.


I missed my chance to say I thoroughly enjoyed THWD’s script in the OP. It manages to be a non-serious story that plays out like an out of control DND campaign without feeling like a bad collection of memes.

And an unexpected entry, Bandit Emblem. It was quite amusing seeing yourself as a band of generic villains (some of which are utterly irredeemable) while the ‘good guys’ come to a tragic end,