Guess the character

I had an idea for a game. Give a nickname, epithet or description of an FE/Hackrom Character and see if someone can guess correctly. Here are some I thought up, arranged alphabetically. Try to avoid obvious ones like Pantless Prince, Point Choker or American.

Anakin Skytrotter
“But you can’t even Rescue in her game”
Fire Snape
Not Venti
OG Old Guy
Recruitment Bot

OG Old Guy - Jagen? Probably Jagen.

Also, to post one of my own…

The trainee. No, not that one, THAT one.

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I’m guessing Est as she is the opposite of Jagen as an Archetype. I initially thought it was of course one of the FE8 ones, but I don’t think I’m confident which of the three is correct.

Recruitment bot -
That’s Caeda, from asking Believing in love to convincing edgelords, the pegasus knight is able to recruit a ton of characters of her base game.

My contribution is:
This early game FireEmblem 6 character is Sain, except even more into the bit.

fire snape is probably soren?

Soren is a wind mage though

Also, Saul for the fe6 question

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Could Fire Snape be Arvis?
Theres a few parallels there, he coveted another man’s wife, who was also the mother of the MC. Turned out to be good a lot later, but playing on the bad side to help out the good guys.



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Hebrew Letter in older translation patches

Fire Snape is Arvis. Recruitment Bot is Caeda.


No, but from the right game.

Nope, I was, in fact, referring to Ewan, of all characters lol. He’s very forgettable.

Also, to put in a new one, for the funny:
The first NOT blue haired lord.

Celica? Or Alm, but his is hair is more blue/green so idk

If your referring to “lord” as the class then Leif?

well would Jeorge count he’s technically a lord since he’s nobility

Alm has green hair in my eyes, so yes, it is Alm lol.

This “knight” was in 3 games but only playable in 2 (im not counting remakes as separate)


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