Guess I should introduce myself

I realized that I should probably formally introduce myself. That’ll help with unlocking abilities for my project posts too.

I’m Polinym. I’ve been on “the scene” of romhackery for a few years now. I have some experience hacking and translating Japanese to English. I’ve done two localizations and two translations so far, including FE1.

In regards to Fire Emblem, I’m not all that interested in the GBA games. I’m pretty much just interested in Akaneia, with Monshou being my favorite in the series. For over a year now, I’ve been hacking Fire Emblem 1 and have learned a whole lot about how it works, even going so far as to write an editor for the game’s text and data in Python.If you want to talk Blade of Light, I’m your guy.

Oh yeah, and I’m not a supporter of Intelligent System’s revisionist localization practices (or any of the new junk they pump out either). Big fan of the Kaga era, though.“Social Knights” and “Mamkutes” for the win! :smiley:


Welcome - always cool to see interest in hacking some of the other games.

Yeah, I like some of the older translations too. I remember the outcry when FE8 localized it to “manakete” after “mamkute” had been percolating for a while.

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Welcome fellow fan of Kaga Emblem! That’s a pretty cool/unique skill-set you have.

Here’s to hoping Vestaria Saga 2 is true to it’s Steam release date and is out this year.

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