Guardian's Wish - Development Logging

So this is going to be the most boring of boring threads if you aren’t interested in changelogs.

Because this is basically just going to be a catalogue every single change to my project that I make from this day forward.

This serves the purpose of not only logging those changes, but also making me write out my logic for later reference, and for other people to pick at.

“It’s just that having such a thread would be useful for my peace of mind / being able to point to it when I want to get help / having my thoughts all already gathered in a convienent location / forcing me to justify changes that I make” is what I said on Discord when I was considering making this in the first place.

I’ve always wanted to actually get something done instead of just peter about and scribbling down tiny details of tons of different things. I’m bad at seeing things through and I want to change that.

…That’s a lot of words without a pitch, isn’t it? Haha.

What I want to do is tell the stories I’ve always wanted to tell; I guess.

-Somebody who sees corruption in the status of the world, and desires to see it remedied.
-Somebody who rejects the ideal that their part of the world has accepted.
-Somebody who is inexperienced being forced to grow up too quickly.
-Somebody who feels scorned by existing.
-People who do not know what is going on, but are trying their best to make it seem like they do.

& yeah it’s probably too ambitious for everything to come together, but whatever. I like writing and I like having something to chip away at all the time.

As a general overview of what I’m going to be doing, it’s just a long game that actually stars multiple lords (like FE10, brigades included but better) instead of just having multiple lords (like FE7).

Oh. Yeah, “long”, that’s important. I want to properly cover my scope: Introducing how the cast gets their momentum going, and how one thing leads to another, as a different sort of threat unveils and makes other pieces of information tossed around make sense.

And that will simply require illustration of time, of growth of the characters–which requires a lot of content to allow it to feel properly natural.

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I don’t understand what this is


that’s because i’m bad and made this thread then proceeded to not actually finalize any work on project in the last day