Greetings Fire Emblem Fans!

I’m a long time GBA enthusiast with a fondness for the work of Intelligent Systems. I’m also an amateur spriter and have been dabbling with fangaming and hobby game development for years.

It was while collecting GBA games that I came across the fan translated FE6 English ROM patch. I purchased a repro cart and played through the entire game. It was fantastic! I enjoyed it so much, I even created a custom slipcover for the game for my collection:

Imgur Link

Anyway, I have a very ambitious idea (classic mistake) for a hack. So after checking out this site and watching some videos, it seems it may be at least slightly possible. It could be at least some fun to try a few things.

So, signing up for the forum is my first step towards building the courage to start my project.

This was the first conceptual image I created a few years ago when I needed to get the idea out of my brain:

Hope to see you guys around the site! And if you need some photoshop skills to make some Boxart for your hack, just let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige. :slight_smile:


Oh, hey! I remember seeing that image on the reddit thread for the Portrait Maker way back!

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Greetings comrde Xander! :3.

Welcome to FEUniverse Xander! I hope you have a great time here!

Welcome to FEU Xander! We’re both newbies here mind welcoming me as well?


Hype boxart
Welcome to feu

Haha, you are right! It did a decent job as a first pass, but I’d take these faces completely of I started this project in earnest. :smiley:

Thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone!

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