Greetings, a new recruit here

Hello, I’ve been playing FE for about 2 years, so 2020. However, I been long introduce to the FE community since Abdallah played Awakening when I was kid. My first game I completed was Sacred Stones. My first hack was The Lonely Mirror. Since then, I completed Road to Ruin and nearly completed Vision Quest.

I am quite interested doing a hack myself. However, I am in MacOS and it quite a pain to deal with WINE and troubleshooting. Heck, I had thoughts of learning to program so I can make it work with MacOS. Besides that, I am learning to draw and do pixel art. I am also reading everything about making a good FE Hack.

Hope y’all had a nice day!


Welcome QuetzalAndPuffin hope you have a wonderful time here

Nice to meet you!

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