Green unit properties by flag?

By default, Green units have specific properties: they are allies to the player army, they can heal you, they can’t attack you, you can’t trade with them, etc… These properties can be permanently changed with certain patches. But is there a way to change those properties on a chapter-by-chapter basis? Say, with flags? Is there a patch for that? And if not… How would one go about making one?

There is a patch that allows you to make green units behave as third-faction hostiles (attack both player and enemy, player can attack them, etc.) with a flag:

Patch Name:Make NPC (ally) as the third power.
Author / Source:7743
When local flag 0x27 is enabled, NPC (ally) will operate as the third power.
NPC attacks both enemy troops and players.

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The 4th allegiance patch, on top of enabling a 4th allegiance, also allows you to set which allegiances each allegiance is allied to on a by-chapter basis.

The problem is that I’m using Skill Systems. Which is incompatible with 4th Allegiance

Thanks! I think this is what I was looking for