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Playing on Green Patch led me to discover that you can teach Skills to units, however there is no evident way to find ‘how’ without being able to peek inside Green Patch. I would go myself but I can’t tell my right from my left with how Japanese Rom and English Modules works on each other.

As you can see, I taught her the Charge skill to allow her to have potentially infinite strikes.

This is a tall task as it likely require a rewriting of ASM to allow FE8 to be in line of FE4 and FE5’s skill trees. It’s possible as Japanese has demonstrated but it’s feasible at best with our small understanding of these until Brendor can pull something more concrete out of his ass than skill writing.

Also, it seems no one has found or made evident that you can promote via weapons.
Sothe of Green Patch is currently the only one that I found is capable of this:

A further digging into Nightmare and Modules reveals that you can indeed make this a reality.
Simply move to Item Editor via FE7 and I’m certain FE8 also function the same way, find an promotion item move to Use Effect, that is where the effect come from. You can add this to a weapon with a promotion effect of your choosing as long as you adjust the original promotion to work differently to prevent potential bugs.
I have yet to test it because I don’t have anything to work with right now.
Go big, guys. Who know what you might find out.

the promotion items are just nightmare edits but the skills are a different story. I’ve been working on a C++ project to add skills to FE8 and I thought about debugging the green patch to see if I can get anything useful as I did that with FE Girls to get an idea on how the animations work for example

It is not difficult to add skills just by tracing the battle system and branching somewhere else to add our own code into it but how to display them really interests me. I am quite familiar with the Japanese rom because I am a Japanese rom hacker myself. Obviously you cannot use English NMM for Japanese hack.

Fairly pleased to know that you have traced the animation system^^
Could you please share an idea with me how it works? I have researched it to try to fix the command C47 in FE7(J) which cannot run normally but found little finally.
“0x47 Show cape flowing animation; VERY hardcoded” But I found nothing about it in the asm folder of FEA.
That problem has bothered me for a long time>

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If this is the case and you’re a japanese hacker, can you get ahold of the FEditor the japanese use?

@Klokinator I prefer a plain hex editor for my own hack because I have rearranged the positions of data in my rom to prevent potential abuse of fool tools to destroy my hack, so I have no idea of sth like that. However, I know the positions of some data in the original rom and I think that’s enough.

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its publicly available
you can just download it

JP FEditor? Cool, I thought people on here were having a hard time finding it :0

its in the uploader iirc