Gray Emblem (1.0 Coming Soon!)


Are you tired of the regular Blue, Green, and Red Emblem games?

Do you want to play an FE with a shitty protagonist?

If you said yes to these questions, I have the game for you!

My first step into making hacks.

Version 1.0 coming soon!

Wanna Beta Test? Hit me up with a DM, and I’ll give you the rom.

When will 1.0 be released?
When I get the Prologue through 4 done, and when I get the beta portraits done/have the actual portraits made.

Current Progress
4 Chapters are done and need to be beta tested.
Only the first two characters have beta portraits.
No custom battle palettes yet.


I need some Atlas love


Cool a Seth.


Nah. He fits as Ross. Seth is… Galzus?


Makes sense.


And don’t forget all the black-gray hair colors


I want to see this become Monotone Emblem. Only black/grey/white haired characters, and the BALD LEGENDS.

Feel free to reference this handy but incomplete chart I made.


I’d like to see a “Olde Emblem” in greyscale, awful appearances (Fe1 tilesets) and a bunch of old characters


You ain’t getting out of there alive, boy


Nooooooo. Better use some gimmicky mechanics to get out


:thinking: How many characters in the hack?


…I just realized.

I can make Ishtar the Lyon of the game.

(Same as FE8. It’s just a reskin)


Or Ishtor


I’m assuming Ephraim’ll be Corrin?




yay, hopefully its male corrin bc female corrin is stinky