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Howdy, my head is bursting with ideas for projects that will never get made as I do not have the time for more than like, two projects at once, as such, I will be posting any project ideas I have here, for archival, or in case anybody would like to read about them and take inspiration.

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Idea 1:

Basic Idea

The idea was that it was a two part hack with about 16 chapters per part, adding to 32 total chapters. With each part telling two sides of a story that spans about…4 years, with two years or so between the parts.

Plot Ideas

The first part centered around a rebel group who wanted to change the basis of society, wanting to eliminate the upper class, and help the lower class. Basically imagine AVALANCHE from FF7 combined with Robin Hood. Eventually on the penultimate battle they would fight and kill the “”“Camus”"" who was meant to be highly self aware, especially of the fact that neither sides in the conflict truly win, while also knowing that she cannot stop the war being waged, and she should just play her part in it and die. Basically imagine Jetstream Sam.

Eventually in part 2 - set two years after the end of part 1 the rebel group ending the conflict of part 1 with their “ideal” society finally realize. Part 2 would have opened up on an amnesiac mage as the lord, who washed up on the shores of a neighboring nation nearly a year ago with no memories from before(hence the amnesia lol). Eventually the mage would make her way over to the nation from part 1 to meet with its leaders. The lord from part 1, who is the new leader of the nation can obviously see that the part 2 lord is the “”“Camus”"" that you thought you killed in Part 1. Through some conversation where the Part 2 lord mentions her observations about how the Part 1 conflict really did nothing and all it did was flip the upper and lower class and society is still imperfect.
A side note is that there was supposed to be several scenes in part 2 where the part 1 lord goes around the nation and starts to slowly see the results of her efforts, but with negative parts suspiciously cut out, showing that she has a skewed perspective. Eventually the lord from part 1 starts to fully break down from the stress, and attacks the part 2 lord. The part 1 lord gets defeated, and through some way that I never really determined, they team up, for a theoretical part 3, that I never really put much thought in.

This idea never really got past the phase of some small vague plot ideas, which is why I never went through with it in any way.

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Well this was created for me to post some dumb hack ideas that I will never make

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The first idea is now up!

that sure is some camus stuff

Yeah it was a poorly thought out idea for a hack I had like last year lol