GoldPhone(Name Work in Progress!) Sign Up Form!

Heya. I’m Goldblitzx, you may have heard of me.
I’ve taken inspiration from Call of the Armor by Team Distant Roads, and another Telephone Hack I’m in with a few others.

Changes from CotA ruleset
  • Besides adding a Halberdier class, there are also Bow, Axe, and Sword armors. As such generals use bows as well.
  • All mounted classes have Canto+
  • You Can add new items, and icons, but try to keep it to a minimum.
  • You can add new Tilesets
  • Armors have 1 more move than vanilla.
  • Single promotion branches

Please only sign up if you have had experience with Febuilder_GBA, and are willing to work with others.

Sign Up Form:

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I’ve signed up but I feel obligated to say that I’m not perfect with febuilder and might take a bit more time but I was able to successfully make a chapter so is that good enough?

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Quick question, what’s the base rom we’d be working with? if it’s fe8 can I make a monster map?. Also stance on adding more new classes?

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  1. Yes its FE8
  2. You can add playable monsters, but since we’re not editing class bases a map full of only enemy monsters would be easily broken. Now maps with some enemy monsters are completely fine.
  3. My stance is relatively open, as long as its not adding an obscene amount of classes(And no Mono weapon cavs)
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Make sure you use spreadsheets to document stuff. The samples from our work w/ CotA are in the Call of the Armor thread. will ensure you have fewer issues tracking rules, IDs used, etc.


I’m not much of a story teller but i do have ideas. So we can reference the cotA rules aside from the changes here right?

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I’m kinda here as well. But if you’re willing to accept a newbie then sure I’m in. Get ready for some wackiness tho

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Edited OP to list some forgotten rule changes

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So when will we know when we can start if we’re chosen?


So… any updates on the project? been a while

Don’t post solely to ask for project status updates.

sorry, It’s just that i signed up for the project

I apologize for not posting here for a while.
But we’ve started, if you have not been invited to the server, you haven’t been accepted. I apologize.

Surprised you wouldn’t invite everyone who showed interest (w/ experience)

More people = more help.

Things will move faster.


If you don’t mind me asking, couldn’t you have told us in the DMs? Sorry if this question came out as a bit rude. I’m just curious.

aa, okay