Give me stuff to Voice Act

I voice act a whole lot for fun/not much money. Recently, I got access to a way higher quality space to record audio, and I want to update my portfolio with some actual quality audio. Huzzah!

This is where you guys come in; give me lines to voice act! Just give the line, a character or specific voice to replicate, and context where it’s important. Otherwise, memes are welcome, if you pick characters who only have Heroes voices I might end up using one more similar to my own head-canon of the voice, feel free to do stuff outside Fire Emblem but please give context, and do keep in mind that I have a very low voice naturally, so if you’re going to tell me to replicate a character like Nino… well, I’ll do my best.

I’ll try to do as many as I can over the next week or so. Have fun!

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Bold of you to come here without expecting the divine lightning to be a request


I am Ferdinand von Aegir.

Oh, you already know what epic rom hack moment this is. Kain, just for a moment, grant me that power!


How about the classic “ARVIS YOU DASTARD!”

ok please do “I’ll do my best” in your Nino voice now

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This a message from Lord Nergal. “I await you on the Dread Isle.”

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I set myself for this didn’t I


Please say “Why hello there, old sport.” with the WiseGuy voice from voiceforge.

(Reference - Garfield from this video

“Those idiots have fallen right into my trap. In America!”

Voice reference:

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