Gib Pixels Pls

In all seriousness, I want to pay someone to create some things for me for FE8. I am not sure how much it’d cost, but I’d like to get an idea. Additionally, I understand if one person is only capable of completing one of these tasks, but not both. So anything or anyone you know could be helpful! And once these are created I’d like them to be free to use assuming the artist is comfortable with that. I want to contribute to this beautiful beast of a website.

My first request is an Umbreon battle animation, portrait, and overworld sprites. It would be fine if these were largely based off resources ripped from elsewhere, as long as they looked presentable and consistent with Fire Emblem GBA art.

My second request is a light magic and healing battle animation based on Lux from League of Legends and then an overworld sprite to go along with it.

I might be asking for a lot, but I am hopeful. Let me know if you’re interested!

My suggestion is to check out fiverr, if you dont find anyone here.

There’s a few great artists on there who work for pretty affordable rates. Esp since FE sprites are pretty small, like 32x32?

I’m currently working with on who’s a moderator on Pixeljoint (though he’s always overbooked lol).

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Battle animations with no reference (eg. Not simply replacing a Mauthe Dog with Umbreon) take many hours to create, in case you aren’t aware.

Overworld sprites are easier. I did the first 151 here:

However, I used a different palette. Do you want a Blue/Green/Red umbreon (based on player/npc/enemy)? Which gen of sprites do you want?

Gen 3 uses 2 frames:

icongs (4)

Gen 4 has a different style, but has more directions:

You can find these on the Spriter’s Resource website. It’s simply a matter of formatting.

Lastly, portraits should also be easy if you simply format an asset from the games. The Mystery Dungeon spinoff, for example, has portraits for each pokemon.

Good luck!

Honestly, theres a good chance that the gen 3/4 sprites would be difficult to top so I’ll likely look into this. And as of now, I only plan on using it for a playable unit so I dont think I’d need different palettes.

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1 r1

I made these. I haven’t tested them yet. Do you have any issues with the APs on these sprites?

And then on a crazier note I just wasted 4 hours. Still needs a lot of work.
mdg_at1 Sheet 1


I give them demon king AP and it works fine. If all your classes used 32x32 sprites, you could only show 16 unique classes per map, or 64 unique if they were all 16x16 sprites. I doubt that’ll be an issue for you, though.

It’s always refreshing to see someone solve their own request! (Or part of it, at least). I hope your project goes well :slight_smile:

I finished the animation more or less? its far from perfect, but its what I have for now. Its totally f2u and f2e.
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