Ghastly vs Death or Glory

I’ve begun a bunch o’ LPs. But instead of making 3 separate thread, i’ll just merge them here since it may clutter this forum.

The Road To Ruin

Death or Glory

these will be updated when new videos come out :smiley:


if you want to piss yourself


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But what if I don’t want to piss myself?

theres never an option you need to pee your pants


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Prostrats all up in here man.
All up.

Hoooh kbye

we’re back!

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Dammit Ghast, now I see Ava’s off pixel too.

The pronunciation guide is actually for how to pronounce everyone’s name.
Also, looking at Hugo’s stats, I think you might be playing an old version. Make sure you’re rocking v2.0.1 and not v2.0 since the newer patch makes changes to base stats and growths. You can use your current save on a new ROM and see the base stat changes so don’t worry about that.

Solid video!

Deth er glury chuptr 3

I shall make sure of this!

hahaha the rageeee

this chapter is soooooo hypeeeee

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Good to see that you’re in better spirits after ch. 4.

beep boop

To “do an about face” is to turn and reverse direction, you know, like the military drill command.

OOOHH cool.