Getting into FE8 hacking

So for those who may not know or do, I really want to get into Fe8 hacking, but have not found really any helpful or easy to understand guides. Compared to Fe7 hacking, it feels much harder and complex than I have ever seen.

I have looked at various tutorials on this site and others, and I just don’t get it.

I suppose what I’m looking for is a very easy and comprehensive guide, or perhaps a general chapter events for event event assembler, so I can understand it better.

The reason it’s harder than Fe7 is because I used eventiel as a guide for many of my hacks. For Fe8, I really don’t have that ease of definitions. I know there are definitions inside Event Assembler, but they just don’t help me that much.

Any help would be welcome.

Have you tried using FEBuilder? I haven’t used it myself but I’m told it’s quite intuitive

If you want some examples:

I’m not sure what else to give you, you say you have checked out tutorials but don’t mention any, you didn’t tell use what you are hoping to learn either.

I don’t know what guides you have checked to make FE8 look more complex than FE7.
Neither editing a .csv file nor using FEBuilder are more complex than Nightmare.

Yeah, this will help.

I read ultimate tutorial v2, the grand eventing wiki/chapter construction guide, and some other one that had fe8 clean rom technique.

There is an Eventiel for FE8, but its use is intended solely for placement of units and the actual events it gives you aren’t FE8-compatible. It is still useful for placing units on the map, though. I personally more or less started over when starting with FE8, starting with a bare-bones “load units ->defeat boss and go to next chapter” and then adding text, changing stats to wrap my head around the spreadsheets-as-Nightmare-modules, etc. Honestly, the best tip I can give you is look in the “language raws” folder of EA (you can even do a Windows search inside the folder to search for a specific thing) and ask lots of questions. The system of conditions/checks is a lot harder to wrap your head around compared to FE7’s but it’s so worth it once you do because of how technically superior it is.