General World Map Questions

I have some questions about Maps in hacks. If I want to make a new map, I make the full map and all of its data, if I want to do like in FE7, and highlight each specific area of the map, will I need animations of each part? And the dots and arrow that shows, I will have to make and insert those myself as well? And how does the zooming in work? I will need to have separate pictures of each part for each chapter? I look forward to some answers. :smiley:

Is this question aimed at FE7 specifically or in general? It would help to be more specific.

If for FE7:

  • The highlights are images you can find with GBAGE.

  • For dots: Are you talking about the blue and red dots that get placed at special locations? Those are done with events.

  • For zooming: FE7 World Map Insertion

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Thank you Primefusion! :smile:
Itโ€™s what I needed.

But when you are making your own map, how does the zooming work? :slight_smile:

Theyโ€™re separate images, so you need to have a zoomed in version and a zoomed out version

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Ok. Thank you guys for the information!