Genealogy of Tordo: Menu Translation



There are many “Genealogy of X” hacks for Genealogy of the Holy War. Here’s a menu patch for one of them.

Plot outline

The year is 757, Gran Calendar, in the reign of King Victor of Velthomer. His son, Alvis, was waging war against Byron of Chalphy’s barbarian horde, alongside his trusted advisors Reptor of Freege and Maricle of Isaac. Bishop Claude of Edda was threatened by these alliances, and so formed one of his own with Trabant of Thracia to oppose him. Lady Deirdre of Barhara held little interest in political affairs, and largely kept to herself. Cuan of Lenster was suspicious of these developments, but few paid heed to his warnings.

In spite of a non-aggression pact, Prince Dew of Verdane invaded Grandbell, with only the dancer Laylea standing guard. Isaac’s fall was almost certain, and Freege was Verdane’s next target. With few soldiers on hand, Lady Tiltyu, daughter of Reptor, prepared to expel the Verdanian invaders from Grandbell. What awaited Tiltyu during her journey was not anything she could believe…

This hack is playable all the way through to the end of the game. Generally, the events are not changed, so the game is basically a reskin of the vanilla game. The plot (not translated) generally follows all the same beats as the original, except the characters have all been swapped around. Sigurd has been replaced with Tiltyu, for instance. The main appeal comes in the adjusted character item and skill layouts, providing different tools to face different challenges.




Tordo_00065 Tordo_00066 Tordo_00061 Tordo_00053 Tordo_00016 Tordo_00010 Tordo_00062 Tordo_00068 Tordo_00069 Tordo_00070


Pink Altenna isn’t real, she can’t hurt you.
Pink Altenna:

For real, this is really neat. I remember trying to play this a while ago but my inability to understand what was going on made it pretty intimidating (even moreso than with Japanese GBA hacks since I understand SNES mechanics even less). Looking forward to playing this.

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could you do that for the Neir project as well?

Was there ever a gfx folder for the html files? It doesn’t seem to exist in the zip.

I hope you have fun!

Making these takes a fair bit of time and is not easy. If I decide to make another Japanese hack menu patch, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind, but I make no promises.

I had downloaded the text files earlier, but the website that they were hosted on went down and I never actually downloaded the skill icons, so they’re broken inside the HTML files. I’ll get around to adding them back in at some point.

I’m going to just echo the interest for the Neir project. Thank you for making this!


ohhh man i love this thxxx soo much for this!!! it would be nice if someone translates the story also waiting so I’m very happy to be able to play this game and understand at least a little now

please help me i tried everything but i cant get it to work !!!

What emulator are you using? it works well for me on snes9x

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bro I managed to make it work using a modified rom so it always went wrong
now it would be very good too if they translate Genealogy of Fala

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