GBAFE Tileset Viewer (Tileset Palette Editor)

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Rare footage of a program that’s useful for hacking but doesn’t actually do much for FEXNA. Don’t get used to it :R

Given a GBAFE rom, this program will display all of its tilesets with correct colors and, more usefully, provide their palettes with controls to edit them and see the changes immediately.
It doesn’t actually write anything back to the rom, but you can save your completed palette as a bin file and import it manually (if you know how to do that, someone can probably explain it this would be a good place to link a tutorial if there is one???). You can also copy/paste a palette as an image, if you want to take it into a more robust image editor and globally adjust the brightness or hue or whatever.

The more potentially exciting bit is that I figured out the format of the tilesets ingame to put this together, which means theoretically in the near future you guys can have custom tilesets; the source code is included, which is good, because I’m not going to be the one writing said potential tileset editor, but you can use my code as a basis.

(oh I didn’t before this moment realize it should probably be under a license if I’m letting people edit it? uh let’s go with creative commons attribution 4.0, sure)

Special thanks to Nintenlord for the libraries used to read data from the roms.
(And then special unthanks for his dlls suddenly ceasing to work for a bit just after I uploaded this??? w/e fixed now)

FE Map Creator download zip

/insert standard 'you need .NET 4 disclaimer here/
.NET Framework


Too stoked for when that becomes a thing.

guess it’s too late to say I’ve been using custom tiles since like 2010 isn’t it

But if I was still on gba I would be ecstatic because this makes palette editing so much easier(at least on paper, I haven’t used it yet but whatever yeti corps creates, it’s fantastic with the exception of randomized maps)

I thought the SF hack that no one has seen or heard from in forever had custom tiles but I could be remembering wrong, but this is still the cool things.

Am dum. SF emblem did not use the custom tiles.

Editing the graphics is cool, but entirely new tile data/new combinations of subtiles is what I’m getting at.

da, I understand you now

I think I might just take a stab at this, and test-drive some of the image manipulation tools I’ve just been working on.

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This is really exciting to see! Just having a way to manipulate map palettes in such a intuitive way will be wonderful, but also the potential for entirely custom tilesets is amazing!

I’ve already been hard at work changing some palettes (wip) :

Changing the snow castle into a grass castle is actually really hard. When you edit palettes, watch out, IntSys squeezed a lot of tiles out of only a few color palette rows. Changing one color may make another tile look totally wrong, as I am finding.

bless you yeti for making such a beautiful engine.