GBA RNG script for Bizhawk? (+ a few other questions)

A few questions:

  1. Is there an RNG lua script that works with Bizhawk? The old one gives me this error:

NLua.Exceptions.LuaScriptException: [string "main"]:7: attempt to call field 'readword' (a nil value)

I heard that one may exist that’s compatible, but I haven’t been able to find it.

  1. Is there a memory address for total assets? Or is that just calculated later when determining your ranking? I could only find one for current gold.

If by total assets you mean the sum of the value of everything you have, to my understanding, there’s a function that loops through all inventories and the convoy adding up the residual value of every item.

RNG lua script i’ve found works on VBA but not Bizhawk, presumably it was written for the former and not the latter and there’s some difference in format there (though i’ve no idea how either system works or would differ)

The function that finds total assets should be at 0x80B6550 (FE7U), it would be called every time the game wants to get the funds rank; it doesn’t store the result anywhere long-term.

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Yeah, I’m using Rolanmen’s old script ( I need something like that that is compatible with Bizhawk though (or at least a way to perform mass repetitive inputs on VBA).

Is that function the same on the J ROM? And is there any way to call it manually and store it? (i guess you would need a script for that. Too bad i have no clue when it comes to programming lol I really should learn.)

VBA-RR is probably what you want, considering TAS emulator like Bizhawk but also VBA

I was going to get the fe7j offset too but i didn’t have a rom on hand, orz
Not the same offset, and you’d likely be better off writing a script that mimics its function

There’s probably a more updated rng script here

Yeah, by VBA I meant VBA-rr, sorry for not clarifying. The reason why I need it for bizhawk is that it is very easy to perform mass repetitive inputs with it’s TASStudio feature, and I need to be able to burn thousands of RNs for what I’m trying to do. I can’t seem to find a simple way to do this in VBA outside of a script probably. (Or some other way to see the RNG at least.)

I can’t seem to get those scripts working on either emulator. It seems to be searching for some files that I don’t have. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I guess I need to learn how to script then. See you in a year when I figure it out lol.