GBA Fire emblem hacking on android

yep I wanted to ask if rom hacking can be done on android cuz I really want to learn and am tired of not doing anything at all in the community

Sadly there is no hacking software available on mobile devices. There have been other topics asking this question and sadly, I have to give the same answer everytime. Maybe one day though…

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…that sucks

I write asm on my phone using acode sometimes.

Can’t test it on mobile, though. I also commit to my github buildfile via mobile sometimes, as long as it’s for simple things that I don’t need to debug much.

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like what if u want to change animations?

Sorry edgelord (just a joke), unless you have PC, it’s not possible to do much

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There is one way…

If you’re enough of a madlad you can hack purely by hex editor.

Please don’t do this. It’s a terrible idea


wait a minute can u do it on a laptop?

Yes. If it runs Windows (Or Linux if you try hard enough) you can hack on it.
Hacking tools don’t need very much horse power to run.

then I guess I need some tutorials (also im going to sleep😴)


^ That’s a good tutorial, if only a little outdated.