GBA Custom Music Request

Hi everyone, i’ve been trying my absolute hardest to rip a .midi from VGMusic and put it into my rom. However, no matter what i do, the instruments sound off. I’ve tried importing the Midi directly with NIMAP, and i’ve also tried converting to a .s file, and both sound like hot garbage. I’ve also tried messing around with the instruments but i can’t make anything sound remotely accurate, or of a decent quality.

The song i’m trying to import is Doors of Destiny from FE4. I simply can’t reproduce the quality/instruments in it. (I am inexperienced so that probably has a lot to do with it).

If someone wants’s to help me out, i’d really appreciate it.

Original OST for Reference -

VGMusic Midi Download -

(Not sure how helpful that midi file will be, considering the instruments seem to be inaccurate, but i figured i’d include what i was trying to work with)

I am also more than willing to compensate anyone for their time if it turns out they have to manually re-create the song, just send me a PM if this ends up being the case.

Thank you for anyone reading this post and willing to help, i really do appriciate it.

What game is this? I would encourage you to use synth strings and turn up the decay value in sappy to 204 to give things a more echo-y sound

Im using it with FE7, if that helps. The decay value was also at 250 when i checked in Sappy, tried lowering it to 204 but it doesn’t seem to have produced a noticable improvement.

oops I meant release not decay

can you produce a recording of some sort as well?

Just checked, the release was already at 204. And currently i don’t really have a great way to produce a recording. I can try to get one later.

which instrument set are you using? native or general midi?

I believe im using general midi? Whichever instrument set requires NIMAP to be installed. Not too sure what the difference is between native or general midi, i assume native are just the instruments in FE7 by default.

native means it’s FE7 instruments, general midi is a bunch of shitty soulless instruments from generic software

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Sounds like its general midi then, considering it came from VGMusic. (Midi i used is in the OP)

if it requires NIMAP it’s obviously the Native Instrument MAP

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