GBA child units

Just wondering has anyone created created a hack with child units? In that whoever their father is will effect their growth rates and/or base states. Basically i wish to know if creating child units is actual possible.

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Has anyone done it already? Not that I’m aware of.

Is it possible? Definitely, if you’re willing to do asm. This guide will get you started: GBAFE Assembly for Dummies, by Dummies

Changing growth rates might be a bit tricky since they’re stored in the ROM and not saved in RAM, but there are definitely workarounds for that. We already have custom growth getters in Modular Stat Screen, so you’d want to modify those to take the father into account. When you load the child units, you’d have insert custom code to check their parents and see who the father is, then save that somewhere (likely a free byte in the character struct). Then you could modify the growth getters to check who the father is - likely you’d have it reference a table, which lists growth bonuses/penalties based on the father.

At least that’s how I’d do it. Might be a bit challenging for a beginner to asm, but it sounds quite doable.

Edit: Original post was kind of incoherent, rewrote it to make more sense.

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Ok thanks for the info. I have use Assembly before, I’m just not very good at it. :frowning:

I think you can use the “AddEvent: Get Unit Status” and “AddEvent: Set Unit Status” patch to get support and increase parameters.
It is possible for an event to increase the strength of a child if the parent’s strength is good.
If parents can use the axs, I think they can change the class of the child and the weapon level.
Since these are data of the ram unit structure, they can be read and written by the above patch.

However, since the growth rate at the level up is described in the ROM, it can not be made variable length unless ASM is written.

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If you drop by discord there’s usually some blue names around willing to help you out. Or you could just post questions here if you need help, though the forum is usually slower for that kind of thing.

Thing is I don’t use discord.:neutral_face:

Guess it’s time to start using it then. It’s the best place to receive any help regarding FE hacking quickly.

Fair enough.