GBA Asset compability with Fan Game Engine (Lex Tallionis and Tactile)

The Fire Emblem Resource Repository here is usually created for GBA Romhacking in mind, so I was wondering if I can use them in (Lex Tallionis and/or Tactile, especially the Battle and Spell Animations.
Can I immediately port them into these engines? Or I must modify them first to make it compatible to them?
I heard that Lex Tallionis is a bit buggy when porting animations with capes etc. How bad is it and is there a way to circumvent this?

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no, you’ll have to convert at least somewhat
since gba romhacking is the most popular thing, you sort of have to work around them for the time being

I see…
So is converting them is somewhat simple or quite complicated? (Like rewrite the animation code and/or reformat the images?)

Idk about for Lex but for Tactile, it’s tedious work / some coding (Depending on what you’re doing exactly. coding for magic anims, battle anims are easy but tedious if the FEditor data doesn’t work)

This is incorrect/more nuanced.

I primarily use Lex Talionis in the modern era and I have deliberately formatted lots of things in the repo to work with it. I also used Tactile for a while and that’s why every animation folder is formatted the way it is; to work with as many engines as possible.

LT can convert map sprites to its format automagically. Some types of map sprites aren’t perfect, especially big ones like wyverns, berserkers, or final bosses, but 90% of them are just fine. Animations you port into LT will also work in Tactile because they use the same format.

Note this topic for map sprites: It’s out of date, but that’s only because I’ve been busy. Still has a ton of LT-style map sprites in it.

For battle animations, you can port those into LT and Tactile the same way you can in GBA. Tactile is more… finicky… but with LT it’s a very simple process.

Spell animations, on the other hand, are a big, big, big fat ‘no’ for now with either engine. They only work in GBA. LT might have a spell animation importer in the future, but it doesn’t currently.

So more realistically, the answer is ‘most things will work fine because I made them work that way in the repo deliberately for my own purposes’ but also a few things are clunky and won’t. For now.

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So… in short:
Battle Animation can be ported like GBA, but Tactile is a little harder to do.
Spell animation can’t be ported, period. (Except if you decided to adjust them manually)
The rest should be portable to these engines easily?

‘Ported’ is a misnomer anyway. There’s no porting happening. It’s the same process for importing an animation into GBA and LT. You press a button, select the file, and import. Tactile has more steps, but it’s still pretty easy.

Porting is when you have to go way out of your way to get something working. For example, the music repo is fairly simply to import to GBA, but if you want to get a .s file working in LT/Tactile, you’ll need to do several extra steps since .s files don’t work outside of GBA innately; you’ll need to turn them into .mp3 or .ogg files, and then the engines will accept them.

Spells… well actually Ryn said spells can be imported into Tactile, and really I know nothing about spells so he might be a better expert on that info. I also said they wouldn’t work with LT, but I’m just as ignorant on LT/Spells, so I could be wrong there. I just don’t know much about how they work at all, so… I’m not an expert.

okokok I got it now.
Oh btw just for confirmation. I forgot that Lex Tallionis got updated to make it user friendly now, since I heard that the old combat animation converter is buggy for Mage/Sage/any unit that loops its frames using a command code. Does it still have this problem in the new LT Maker?