GBA Animation Commands

Command list

0x00 NOP
0x01 Wait for HP to deplete (freezes if no HP depletion is occurring/has occurred)
	(should be used even in missed attack) (should end standing animations)
0x02 Start of dodge
0x03 Start attack animation; should be followed by 0x07; should head "dodged attack"
	(melee that will miss)
0x04 Prepare HP depletion routine; needed to animate return to standing frame after hit
0x05 Call spell associated with equipped weapon
0x06 Begin opponent's turn after hit
0x07 Start attack animation; should be preceeded by 0x03
0x08 Critical hit
0x09 Critical hit
0x0A Critical hit
0x0B Critical hit
0x0C Critical hit
0x0D End of dodge animation (should have an 0x01 command before it and after a preceding 0x0E)
	(should be used just before 00 00 00 80 and should end missed attack as well)
0x0E Start of dodging frames (should go after standing frame and before dodging animation)
0x0F Unused; does nothing
0x10 Unused; does nothing
0x11 Unused; does nothing
0x12 Unused; does nothing
0x13 ? (ranged attack - hand axe for Hector)
0x14 Heavy vibration of screen
0x15 Slight vibration of screen
0x16 Unused; does nothing
0x17 Unused; does nothing
0x18 Use this instead of 0x02 to dodge toward the foreground instead of toward the background
0x19 Play bow pulling SFE
0x1A Normal hit
0x1B Play quick "heavy step" SFE
0x1C Play light horse stepping SFE; pitch decreases
0x1D Play light horse stepping SFE; pitch increases
0x1E Similar to 0x1D; a bit louder
0x1F Play hit SFE (sounds like Eliwood with sword's hit)
	(Will be normal hit sound during normal attack and critical hit sound during critical attack)
0x20 Play hit SFE (sounds like Knight Lord with Durandal's hit) (see previous note)
0x21 Play hit SFE (sounds like Knight Lord with sword's hit) (see previous note)
0x22 Play short sword swinging SFE
0x23 Play shorter sword swinging SFE
0x24 Play sword slashing air SFE
0x25 Play wing flap SFE
0x26 Sword toss; VERY hardcoded (uses 32x32 at linear sheet index 0x1C from current sheet)
0x27 Shield toss; while this command is used for shield tossing, it is actually just a copy of command 0x26
0x28 Play electrical charging SFE (Used by Shamans)
0x29 Kills BGM
0x2A Kills BGM
0x2B Play armored unit "leaping" SFE
0x2C Show fire (that envelopes Sealed Sword; contains all Sealed Sword fire frames) animation
	Slashing frames missing in FE 7/8!
0x2D ? (Assassin critical) (Lethality activator that is dependent on other commands?)
0x2E Show sage's normal magic rune drawing animation
0x2F Show sage's critical magic rune drawing animation
0x30 Show dirt kicking (as from dashing forward) animation
0x31 Show small dirt wave moving forward animation (starts about mid screen)
0x32 Show medium sized dirt wave moving backward animation (starts from feet of attacker)
0x33 Play battle cry SFE (REALLY stupid)
0x34 Play heavy stepping SFE
0x35 Play longer wing flapping SFE
0x36 Play sword unsheathing SFE
0x37 Play sword clicking SFE
0x38 Play heavy spear spinning SFE
0x39 Pauses the attacker, makes them flash white and makes the screen flash white
	Essentially makes it look as though the attacker was hit, but without blue sparks
0x3A Play dancer magic release SFE
0x3B Play bard song SFE
0x3C Play sword "whooshing" SFE (done by Nomads; sounds like wing flap)
0x3D Show Nergal's dark aura animation - FE 7 only!
0x3E Play burning SFE
0x3F Play alternate arrow firing SFE?
0x40 Kills BGM
0x41 Play short axe swinging SFE
0x42 Play long axe swinging SFE
0x43 Play weapon stance SFE (Clicking noise)
0x44 Play short "light emission" SFE (I seriously don't know a better way to describe this)
0x45 Play horse neighing SFE
0x46 Play dropped axe crashing onto ground SFE
0x47 Show cape flowing animation; VERY hardcoded
0x48 Kills BGM
0x49 Play sage's magic firing SFE
0x4A Play valkyrie's magic charging SFE (Pretty much the same as the shaman's)
0x4B Play monk's magic casting SFE
0x4C Play Athos' magic casting SFE
0x4D Play Athos' critical glint SFE
0x4E Show dirt wave (as from horse kicking forward from ground) animation
0x4F Play druid critical charging SFE
0x50 ? (Nergal's critical uses this)
0x51 Show brief white flash animation
0x52 See command 0x2D
0x53 through 0xFF - Unused

If anyone has any of the fe8 codes or any more information on the codes, feel free to post.
Or a mod can make this a wiki so it can be edited in directly

Additionally, if there’s any documentation on the S codes, that would also be of use, as I have no idea what they refer to because I can’t find any documentation on them.

Edit: SF stands for Screen Flash, the number afterwords is probably how many times or for how many frames. Common sense helped me on that one :man_facepalming:


S codes should just be S + SoundTableID

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FEBuilderGBA uses the following files.



While I understand that they originally were for Feditor, is it possible we could change the title of this post to just be something like Custom GBA Animation commands or Legacy Feditor Animation Commands? We still occasionally see people posting about starting off hacking with Feditor and I think using that word in the title may have potential to mislead newer hackers when they should be looking at using FEBuilder instead.