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Now we just need the other female brigand of that game Abyme.

Abyme is an Elusian soldier. She just so happens to appear as a Warrior later on. But she’s not a brigand

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I think she shows up as a berserker not a warrior


So I felt like I hadn’t done a non Fire Emblem character in a while, probably not since doing Goku in remembrance for Toriyama, so here is a new unexpected challenger. Just portrait design is inspired by Butter_Sugoi who did a anime variant of the Emo Wendy below. Their instagram linked is SFW, however when I went to find out who did the art for this (I saw it uncredited originally on reddit) I found out the artist is NSFW so be careful if you choose to seek their other artworks.

I’ve updated the second main post with the below entry under F2E - Non Fire Emblem Properties (Non Game Franchises - Wendy’s - Emo Wendy)

Wendy’s - Emo Wendy
FE Wendy UKFE Wendy UK No Shine
FE Wendy UK White DressFE Wendy UK Striped Dress
Yes its Wendy’s as in the food chain. So apparently the UK have tried doing alternative logos for Wendy’s (to be honest I don’t really know Wendy’s since its not a major food chain in Australia as far as I know) and Butter_Sugoi on Instagram made a cool looking anime fan version of the emo logo (its not on their instagram, but its that artist). I thought the redraw was really cool and decided to do a portrait of her. I did do versions with the white dress design, but I felt it would be more cool to do some armour so the armour design is inspired by one Syrene’s Cipher arts. There are some variants available such as no hair shine (makes for recolouring the red easier if you want to), and her in a white dress or the striped one. I will say doing black lipstick did make for making mouth frames harder.

Original source art by Butter Sugoi that inspired this take;


Here is another non Fire Emblem video game character, the last one I did was back in October I think last year, so its been a while. This one I experimented with skipping the border colour on some pieces to give those pieces a unique look. I normally only do that on sprites that need an aura of some sort rather than clothing pieces, but I kind of like how this one turned out.

I’ve updated the second main post with the below entry under F2E - Non Fire Emblem Properties (Other Game Franchises - League of Legends - Jarvan IV (Worlds))

League of Legends - Jarvan IV (Worlds Alt)
FE Jarvan IV Worlds
So once upon a time I did a base Jarvan IV a long time ago, which is visible in the Observation Only section. When Worlds 2021 came around and his Worlds Skin came out with a chroma that gave it his base colours scheme similar again. I felt like it was better representation of Jarvan IV more in line with how the current look of League is (his original model I don’t think has been really updated that much so it still feels like something from over a decade ago). He is supposed to be Dragon themed considering his backstory is that he did help slay a dragon and is in a will they/won’t they relationship with a Dragon as well and thus I felt this design better encapsulates him than his OG design. This is probably one of my more ambitious shoulder pads that I’ve done, drawing dragons have never been easy let alone dragon decals. Despite its look, this sprite pushes my palette restrictions to their limits. If I had more colours to use or used the Hackbox expansion patch I would probably expand on the shoulder pads more, but overall I’m quite happy with how this one turned out.


Another non Fire Emblem video game character, a legacy spriting character I’ve done for a long time (over a decade). Opaque Sunglasses are one of my spriting banes I feel, however I am happy with how overall this sprite turned out. Also the first update to Observation Only this year as well, for those curious to check out that section.

I’ve updated the third main post with the below entry under F2E - Non Fire Emblem Properties (Other Game Franchises - Final Fantasy X - Auron)

Final Fantasy X - Auron
FE Auron v5FE Auron No Glasses v5
FE Auron Combat Sleeve v5FE Auron Combat Sleeve No Glasses v5
So this is my 5th attempt at Auron from FFX. This guy is probably my 2nd favourite character from FFX and probably 3rd from Final Fantasy overall. The badass Samurai mentor who when you get him in your party pretty much one shots most smaller encounters and can pierce armoured encounters off the bat. When I was younger his serious, cool, wise and experienced vibes made him my favourite, but as I got older my viewpoint changed and Tidus’ idealism and character development overtook Auron in my favoured list. Each character in FFX has a challenge when drawing them, usually to do with colour palette because I feel they’re amongst the most colourful (literally) cast amongst the 3D era Final Fantasy parties. So yes Auron’s colours were probably the hardest to balance out, but I think this my favourite attempt. You can see all my previous version in the Observation Only section.

Also in the third main post, Observation Only - Final Fantasy X - Auron Spriting Legacy

Final Fantasy X - Auron Spriting Legacy

So Auron has been a favourite character of mine for a long time and as such I have done many attempts of Auron over the years and I think its nice to show progress over my time of spriting.
The first version a heavily modified Dieck was done in 2007
Auron 2, done back in my early ventures into full custom work was 2008
Auron 3, done based on the his KH artwork was done in 2010
Auron 4, done in 2020 during Lockdown more based on his FFX look again
Auron 5, done in 2024, sort of takes a mixed features approach (F2E)
There are several characters I’ve done multiple versions of over the years, some which should be located in this Observation Only section. As such please only use the ones available in the F2E sections please and not the old outdated ones located in here. I did consider posting a Black Knight Spriting Legacy as well, which I may do down the line some time.


So I fell sick a few days ago and that put me out for a bit, I don’t usually get sick but when I do it knocks me on my ass. Anyway I figured it’s been a while since I’ve done an OC character and wanted to try drawing a character with a different face angle in mind. So here is the fiery pirate/buncaneer Roseanne.

EDIT: Touched up the hat a little bit

I’ve updated the third main post with the below entry under F2E - Non Fire Emblem Properties (OCs - Roseanne)

FE RoseanneFE Roseanne No Hand Alt

So this pirate inspired lady was made because I wanted to try out spriting a face at a slightly different angle from what is usually seen in Fire Emblem, which is why the chin and nose are shaded differently from usual portraits. This also gave me an easy excuse to fit a pirate style hat in without having to do too much hackbox shennanigans because of the angle of her head. Thinking back off the top of my head the only character in Fire Emblem that has a remotely similar head angle would be Ashera in Radiant Dawn. Overall I’m okay with how it turned out, but I think I’ll brush up on some general art skills before trying to draw that angle again. When I looked for some references, I could mainly only find real life references (maybe there is a reason its not drawn often) at short hand.

I originally envisioned her design to be one of the following class types
Pirate, Thief/Rogue, Myrmidon/Swordmaster, Nomad/Nomad Trooper.


So now I think off the top of my head there is only one setting besides the cipher verse that I haven’t covered now. Here is another generic, probably not from something expected but was a challenge nonetheless. With this I have also added the Aytolis Saga section to the main post.

I’ve updated the main post with the below entry under F2E - Fire Emblem (FE Aytolis Saga - Fire Emblem Warriors - Aytolis Guardian Knight)

Fire Emblem Warriors - Aytolis Guardian Knight
FE Aytolis Guardian Knight
So back when I was looking for generics to draw, I was wondering about the trying something from not a mainline series (was considering Heroes, but most of the generics are really plain, especially compared to the OCs from there) and settled one something I haven’t drawn anything for. I actually played the first Fire Emblem warriors more than Three Hopes. I liked it because it does what Koei does coolest in it’s crossover titles, actually crossover (Dynasty Warriors Gundam, OG Hyrule Warriors, Warriors Orochi, All Stars, etc) and you get to see cute and cool interactions between beloved characters. Now its hilarious, saying that the Heroes generics are plain versus the FE:Warriors ones considering there is nothing that sort of changes the looks of soldiers between factions besides colours. That and their armoured knights are blocky as hell. Such as the Guardian Knight (a Tier 3 Great Knight essentially). If I thought some of the other characters were hard to colour, this one was surprisingly hard to keep within the limits despite not having hair. As for recolouring the darker blues are easy to recolour but the rest are not. I’ll consider recolouring these into the Red and Green variants as it would probably take a bit more effort than simple actions but we’ll see how I feel. Also yes it is completely contained to the hackbox, no expansion patch required, despite how blocky this guy’s armour is.


Alright I decided to do the 2 other recolours. They have been added to the main post and I also noticed that Inigo’s stat screen frames were also incorrect so I’ve updated them as well. Tossing up on what to draw next, leaning towards doing Yuzu from Cipher/Echoes at the moment.

Red Aytolis Guardian Knight
FE Aytolis Guardian Knight Red

Green Aytolis Guardian Knight
FE Aytolis Guardian Knight Green

FE Awakening - Inigo
FE Inigo


Welp decided to go with Yuzu and so I have added the FE TCGs section to the main post. I wonder if they’ll start another Fire Emblem TCG. I get the feeling it was possibly canned due to how Fire Emblem Heroes took off and that they’d rather keep commissioning artists for that rather than the TCGs.

I’ve updated the main post with the below entry under F2E - Fire Emblem (FE TCGs - Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher) - Yuzu)

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher) - Yuzu
FE Yuzu
So Fire Emblem has had a few official card games I believe. There was the original one that was released that covered I think Shadow Dragon, Mystery of the Emblem, Genealogy and Thracia. That one was eventually discontinued and never made it to the GBA era. This was succeeded by Fire Emblem 0 or Cipher, which was discontinued at the end of 2020 (so it includes all Fire Emblem games up to Three Houses (not including Three Hopes)) . The Cipher series also has its own cast of OCs similar to FEH except these heroes’ home verses are from already existing Fire Emblem sagas rather than new ones. A handful of Cipher characters were made playable as DLC characters for Echoes. Yuzu’s home is Hoshido and therefore her home verse comes from Fates. However the design I decided to draw was her Echoes design, which is why her outfit and class is not that of a myrmidon/samurai and is instead a Valentian Priestess. Overall happy with how it turned out, although I wish I had maybe one more tone to play with for her hair to smooth out some of the transition shading in the layers of her hair (the colours I used where Vigarde’s hair tones).


If you want, you could sacrifice one of the two blue tone colors you used for her hair pin, maybe replace it with the darkest hair tone, since that’s something that’s been done with some of the official FE GBA characters, like with Lyn and L’arachel. That way you could have another hair color for her portrait.