Ganzap's Semi-Epic ASM (other stuff too maybe)

Hi, guys, it’s Ganzap! If you don’t know who I am, I’m just some person who is pretty active on FEU Discord. I’ve recently made some stuff and I think some people would like to use it. There may be updates from time to time depending on how much stuff I make. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that if you want to use anything that doesn’t say it is F2U, please contact me and ask for permission. Also yeah I should probably link the stuff now.

“Modern” Brave Weapon Effect Rework [ASM]

"Modern" Brave Weapon Effect Rework


Here da ASM

This ASM changes brave weapons to only be ‘brave’ when you are initiating combat. This is basically the same thing as Heroes Brave Weapons or Three Houses Brave Weapons and Gauntlets. To install, simply download the dump and install files and include the “braveasminstall.event” in your buildfile. If you would like to use this in any project, PLEASE credit me for muh ASM.

Three Houses Restore Staff Rework [ASM] (Currently in the works due to changes in the skills system)

If anything doesn’t work or insert right, please let me know ASAP via Discord or responding on this thread.

Updates :soon::tm:


Nice job man, cool stuff. Looking forward to seeing what else you do.

Does AoE restore need to be attached to the restore staff in its vanilla location? Think it’d be cool to have a vanilla version and then this as an A rank, for example.

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It is attached to the Vanilla Restore, but maybe I could make this as a separate staff later. Thanks for the idea.

No prob, I know staves are weird in how they’re coded in their slots, so curious how flexible this was before trying it out. Thanks!

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Good work, kiddo!

Your FEU dad is proud of you!


this is a current mood and thank you Arch.



Ok so apparently the restore staff did not have a dropboxlink so here it is

shoutouts to @Pikmin1211 for telling me lmao


Time to epically steal this ASM :sunglasses:


it would be my honor to have such a renown figure as yourself to steal my ASM


that’s a really cool claude gif tho, did you make that? :flushed:

No I did not