Game freezes when rescuing mounted units, game somewhat freezes when stat items are used in preparation screen, and another small question

Whenever a mounted unit is rescued the game freezes, and it somewhat freezes when I use a stat increasing item during the preparations screen, I know it doesn’t fully freeze cause the freezing noise doesn’t happen, and the background thing still moves (here it is, just incase if people either dont know what Im talking about or if it would help: )
and my final question if I used the discord server I would get help faster for any issue I come across, or just get suggestions for my rom hack

To solve 1 and 2, we need more information. What changes have you made since it last worked properly, for starters?

For 3, both.

All I’ve done is use the version of feditor that lets you bypass the 0xFF limit, but I went back to an older version of my hack that I kept, and it had the same problem, but I got an error thing to pop up:


Yeah, that means there’s a bad branch somewhere. Do you have anything that works fine?

anything as in a rom that doesnt have the issue?


yeah, I have a clean rom

So all you did was open this rom in the new feditor, save it, and close it? Nothing else?

I think I didn’t have the new feditor, but I was inserting new map sprites, so maybe that has something to do with it?

Definitely possible. Were they standing or moving sprites?


Try inserting the moving ones and see if those work properly; if they do, insert the standing ones and check if those work. Report back.

insert the ones I already inserted? or insert the mounted ones? and into my rom? or into the clean one?

Insert the ones you already inserted, whichever those may be, into your most recent backup that still works (ie, no BIOS error/freezing) until either a) they’re all inserted, or b) the problem occurs. Make sure you can figure out whether it’s the standing or moving sprites that are the issue (if, in fact, that even is the problem). We’re basically trying to figure out what’s causing the problem before we fix it.

all my other back ups for my roms crash in the same way, but I did get a slightly different message this time:

(other then of course my unedited rom)

Why don’t you stop by in the discord then; maybe we can resolve this a bit faster.