Game freezes on turn events [SOLVED]

So I have this weird problem where my ROM will reset back to the start screen everytime a turn event is about to happen or when the enemy attacks my units. I narrowed it down to the turn events (I think). I removed everything and only have the turn events play and it still resets. But heres the full script just in case.

I have checked my event script over and over but I can’t seem to find anything wrong. Could I get some extra set of eyes? Maybe I’ve been staring at it too long lol.

why people never edit the fe7 definitions in favor of using lyn_t and 0x9D I will never know
I’m assuming it’s crashing on Turn5, not the opening event (it’s a TURN event)?

You’re loading a lot of units at once, I’d suggest more ENUNs after loading/moving large groups

Oh. You’re loading a TURN event as a unit group.
I’m assuming you’re tying to load these units on those turns? You need an actual event to do so.

Like Turn5: CAM1 [07,11] // I hope this is the right code LOU1 Turn5Units ENUN ENDA

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Ah well don’t I feel like a fool, i guess there really is a thing of working on my hack for too long lol. I suppose it’s easier for me to remember who the original is without changing the macros, i know what you mean though, changing it would make my life easier, but at this point, i think i’ve stuck to the original macros just because i’m too lazy to go through my entire hack just to change all the macros. thanks a bunch dancer_A