Game Developer in Own Game

AAAND…!! I wanted to say something to JrpgAddict‘s comment and the Lunatic Mode in general, better said, I‘ve got an idea for a game/ hack.
I‘m not a Lunaticer and I’m not good in placing Units on the map, BUT I have an idea for an Lunatic Mode only game.

The Player/ Main Character is a Game dev/ hacker. Main Char. just finished a new hack, with several Units and several Chapters as suddenly…! The PC begin to scan the body of Main Char. and teleport into the game!!! (Idea from South Park and Tron Legacy)
Now the Main Char. has to solve its own game alongside the allies against the Lunatic Mode enemies :scream:

At Chapter 4, 5, 6 (vary on whoever like the story) the secret solved and the curtain falls: a virus (evolved to an entity, idea from Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning) wants to challenge the Main Char. with the created game, to test human skills, body and soul.

Objective of every Chapter is to finish the boss and/ or seize Throne/ Gate (all in all, it’s the Main Char.‘s game, but without a story anymore, only slash and run) within in specific period of time. The virus destroys more and more of the map from every chapter, to make the challenge a challenge, and… well, to make the virus a virus :grin: :+1:
Ah ja, music from Slayer and Slip Knot would be good with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Main Char. always ends every conversation between the allies with… something like: „COME ON, MOVE, DON‘T TALK, JUST KILL SOMETHING OR WE ALL WILL BE DONE FOR!!!“

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Why was this made into its own thread? It wasn’t really on topic where it was posted, but it also just seems bizarre. I would’ve just put it in spoiler tags and asked the user not to go on long idea guy tangents.

@Loslockos30 do you intend to make this project? Did you want this to be made into a thread for discussion?

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Sooo why does it feel like someone randomly speaking without context like what is he saying and what is he refering to.

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For context to everyone else here, this was seemingly part of a comment chain on my own thread that was turned into its own due to being almost entirely disconnected.

As for the topic… idk go for it if you want to make a hack. The text is hard to decipher due to being worded very oddly so that’s about all I can say on that


Okay, so, I’m sorry for writing English my own way and not the way it’s supposed to be. First.

Second: I agree with @Vesly . The „story“ is an odd idea, not to mention written down the way I did it. So just put it in spoiler tags, I’m going to never add long idea guy tangent ideas again.

If someone still have interest in a Lunatic Mode story, then a virus that digitize a hacker into the game created by that hacker, which provide now unacceptable (lunatic) difficulty level after being occupied by the virus (to study skill, body and soul of human), is definitely yours.

Sold out to the first available developer, who wants to and can create something, I’m not creative for; maps, units, whole chapters ← lunatic mode with expandable background story.

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No one is going to make your hack for you. This is being an “idea guy” and I can assure you, very few if any people would have the time, let alone reason to make your hack idea on top of whatever else they are doing.