Galle's AI write up from 6 months ago

This is a write up on Galle’s AI I made a few months back specifically as a comment on this video by Panno

I understand this may be relatively well known here but I thought It’d be fun to post here anyway, and maybe those who don’t know about it learn something cool.

I may be wrong on some of this I am no expert on FE6 AI but I do remember testing this.
I mostly used FEBUILDERGBA to “research” this.

One Final disclaimer, I make a claim in my original comment that I did not verify about Galle having a personal weapon in pre-release material, I do not remember where I got it so take it with a grain of salt.

Without further ado here it is my Galle AI write up.

FEGBA AI has 4 or 5 AI parameters [depending on how you count] [Each [as far as I understand] read as a single byte, one byte containing two and 3 using a standalone byte]

AI 1, the main action to follow the unit will do this if able [e.g. chance to act, steal, heal, do not attack unit [I assume this is used in ch 5 so Clarine can walk everywhere, FE 6 AI is not listed well in febuildergba and generally less understood], etc]

AI 2, the secondary action to follow if AI 1 is not able to be done/ to be done in addition to AI 1 [Move to enemy, attack village/treasure, random move, Move towards lord, etc]

Target AI, determines when to heal [e.g heal at 50% to 100%, heal at 20% to 80%] and what damage to prioritize [e.g accuracy, damage, kill, Position [attack without counter if possible], etc] [this AI is split in two but read as one byte]

Retreat AI, mostly used for bosses if set to retreat unit can move to heal or attack if set AI allows it, if set to no retreat unit cannot move at all, any other action can be done

looking at Gale’s AI, he uses a unique AI 1 attack Roy only, and a common AI 2 Immediate move to enemy, Heal at 10% to 50%, prioritize low HP [kill], retreat. essentially this is AI designed to be so easy to recruit it’s almost free-er than units that join in ch 1.

Even more so than most all other enemy recruits only Raigh has arguably easier recruit AI from what I can see [Stand still, attack if in possible, heal at 30% to 80%, prioritize position, retreat.].

However if say Milady could recruit Gale she could jut fly into his range and never even be attacked by him and recruit him next turn at no risk to either of them [even if Roy had to recruit him just stick someone else in range and do it the following turn], unlike Raigh [and all other enemy recruitable units] who might attack if you’re not paying attention.


I decided to look into this claim as I am currently working on an FE6 project.

From what I can find This claim comes from Archibald on an older version of FEU along with a bunch of other information about prototype stuff such as more prfs, as well as story, character and map changes, the info was provided by Memento Mori who got it from an alleged daughter of an IS dev.

I found this through the lost media wiki page on fe6 prototypes

Finally Serenes Forest [Also cited on the lost media wiki page] Also makes these claims although they also source Arch’s post.

Generally as far as rumors go these are decently believable by rumor standards as they are fairly believable and relatively small changes and Galle’s data in the final game Implying a playable state, despite the item data not existing in the final game, however it is still a little questionable as there is no existing proof only a mocked up screenshot of Galle’s Prf exists. So you should still see this as highly unconfirmed.

It appears some details were embellished on Serenes Forest, and subsequently the lost media wiki, [Mostly around the sea sword and Lilina having a prf tome].

It seems there may have been further details in an attached image or comments? [if they existed] on Arch’s post, that clarified or even stated these details, but the image is broken and the archive has no visible comments, I would be curious if anyone has this image or other info archived anywhere as searching provided me very little info outside these three sources.

I mostly wrote this addendum for my own curiosity, because it was tangentially related and, because I found only the lost media wiki and Serenes Forest documented this info in an accessible manner.
[I don’t count the original Arch post as the site is down and only reachable on through the way back machine.]

I haven’t rewritten the details of these articles out here as I don’t want to just take from these sources I highly encourage you read them if you are interested.

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This isn’t super relevant, but after reading the title, I thought you had an AI write an analysis on Galle’s character 6 months ago – and I was going to mald about how AI murders creativity.

Good thing it wasn’t that!


In 6 months I will post an AI’s write up on Galle to make the topic title accurate.