Furious' Great And Powerful Grab Bag

Hello, and welcome to…

My Great And Powerful Grab Bag.

This is a thread of my creations, mostly sprites.
A Google Drive containing all my work will be at the end of this post.

All my stuff is F2U/F2E, well all except…

Mina, My self-insert.
Mina fe6 format Mina fe8 or fe7 format Mina
FE 6 Insertable… …FE7/8 Insertable… .Box Mini
For what I feel are obvious reasons I ask you not use
her without permission, she’s a relatively simple splice anyway.
[Serra, Anna, L’arachel, Juno]
You can probably find something better or at least similar.


As you’ll notice all of these characters have “Box” Minis as oppose to “Chibi” Minis
put simply I couldn’t do Chibi Minis when I first started splicing and
I think Chibi Minis are ugly anyway, so in my hack it’s boxes, boxes everywhere.
Oh yeah you’ll have to look through the G-Drive link for all of them but here are the most “Important”/my favorites.

Alen Lucca
Alen and Lucca the two main lord units, Alen is the main lord AND Jagen, he is also force deployed on *Every map. Lucca is a Shaman with poor defenses and speed but great magic… so a magic nuke, she is weak to… monster effectiveness?

*Not 8-2 as all units deployed on 8-1 are unavailable
vigolf Lysander
Vigolf [Left] was the first portrait I ever made he has received various touch ups since then but still retains some of his roots, Lysander has cool hair and was my first experiment with that kind of thing.

Jagen Cain
Jagen here is a boss from a fun meme-y chapter mid-way through the hack I had a lot of fun making an “evil” version of this noble warrior. Cain is from the same group he was one of my best attempts at heavily damaged armour.

15.Nebiros 4.Odin
These two are more out there portraits I made for the Legendary Heroes, most based on SMT/Persoana demons, I used L95’s Generic Skeleton and Ein to make Nebiros, I’m very happy with him. I just think Odin is cool, especially his classic SMT design… That horn’s a little wonky huh?

Raigh Adult (JeyTheCount) - used as a base to make Raigh Old with help from spiritNinja

Skeleton Generic (L95) - used as a base to make Nebiros and Iago mugs



Young Bartre in Old Bartre outfit
Mogall [Inspired by Seal’s Gazer Animation]
Arch Mogall
0² variants
Zero Two
Zero Two alt halo
Zero Two Halo blink
Theif Erika [Made for Omnifox’s PME]
Thief Eirika




BOG Personal Weapons
The personal weapons from my hack
BOG Legendary Weapons
The Legendary weapons from my hack [+3 Move lance lol]
other game weapons
Weapons from other games
Weapons of the legendary heroes
Staves festival type top row, dancer rings bottom row



This is a scrapped leftover from early in FEBOG’s development when I thought having 22 Affinities while a lot would be worth it to tie into Vallen’s culture, It did not work out, so here they are 22 icons based on the Tarot could be used as a cool set of scrolls, or something.



A bunch a stuff from hats to yo-yos to wind god [The second coolest Engage skill]

Shaman Repal

A Fem Shaman Repal that swaps colours around, making the
trims and rest of the clothing separated.
Trims are so cool and more consistent with the masc Shaman


Repal of Nuramon's Marksman

This is a more subtle repal done for Vigolf [A character in my hack]
who has a burn on his face, probably could have been more noticeable but,
I was only just starting to learn how to repal at the time and I don’t feel it’s necessary to really do it over.
marksman bow
marksman Staff
marksman unarmed


Repal of the Serra Sword animation by Marisar6

This Repal changes the heart from the critical animation colours to match the sword colours,
it is compatible with Serra’s FE7 staff animation and Marisar6’s other Serra sword animations,
if you want to use this as a special variant.


Beard Ephraim

This is basically a joke animation.
Epharim with beard and slight repal, and no weapons.


A generic version of Tiki Half-Dragon by Tykky

The original animation was so frustrating to work with, [For Me],
specifically recolouring I made this version that makes
it closer to Fae from FE6 so it recolours better.

Class Charts For My Hack

[Base Stolen (with permission) From Alice]
For some context, in FEBOG every promo is based on item used so for a cavalier to go paladin they need a hero crest while to go great knight they need a knight crest, Classes also have set Weapon Ranks, so you must choose wisely who promotes to what, rarely you may come across a heaven seal which grants a secret promotion, or even an infinite seal that can grant any promotion [including secret ones]

No Spoiler


Light Spoiler


Full Spoiler



A basic map of the continent my hack takes place on.
It can be inserted if the key is removed and colours reduced

GDrive Link

The Great And Powerful Grab Bag - Google Drive


Keep the good work friend!


Here is a teaser for a side project I’m working on for fun
unfortunately may need to restart it lol, fe6 sucks [to hack].
Portrait Editor FE6 Mina's Adventure.gba_11@0B Woltette_6607FC


[MEME] Could transitioning have saved her?


You may have unironically inspired a plot point [or at least given me an idea to make one stronger.]

Anyway I’ve decided creations for my side project will be drip-fed into this thread after I finish working on a portion of the project sooooo

Meet Kent, steward of Caelin
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem (U) !.gba_47@2F Kent_C96AA8
I wanted to incorporate design elements from Eagler to give the impression Kent imitated and honored his mentor as he aged.

Also here is a Caelin map designed to be a castle defense map, the file won’t be in the grab bag link until I reorganize it but feel free to ask for it in the mean time.
The map is meant to be Caelin by the time of fe 6 hence the new houses and villages.
ch 16 and 10 of fe7 where used as a base and those areas are mostly unchanged

I plan to release a demo after I finish either Chapter 4 [Caelin] or 7/8 which would be Ostia, depending on if Ch 4 is a good stopping point.


Hello all,
not much today just a friend I made for my side project
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem - Fuuin no Tsurugi (Japan).gba_2@02 ロイ_66076C
I hope you enjoy talking to them soon.
I have nearly finished Ostia, the scope has expanded somewhat lol,
expect to see another old face, and I have a fun idea for the western Isles [that won’t be till the second release].


Hello here are some things from my side project, most from the next release
First up here is a portrait from an fe6 character that is never pictured Lord Orun
Hector’s cousin that is killed by Wagner as set up for chapter 6 [the chapter you get Saul, Dorothy, and Sue]
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem (U) !.gba_120@78 Aion_C972A4
Credit to JeyTheCount for his Uther mini that was used for this splice.

Next up Larum dancer with sword map sprites
Standing Map Anims FE6 Mina's Adventure.gba_50@32 Dancer_662DA4

obviously this uses AP6-1.

Finally we have Item Icons for the Elements of Harmony, The Alicorn Amulet and Grogar’s Bewitching Bell


The Alicorn Amulet
Grogar’s Bell

I ended up making the elements stone/“Drained of power” since the item palette is too limited to make them coloured correctly.
Ok that’s all. /)