Ft. Mangs FE8 Patreon PME is Missing the Credits List

Alright, so I’m gonna make this brief, since this stuff happened before I joined the team, so I don’t know as much about what happened.

Basically, one of our members, who had been with the team since the beginning, left and along with them, we lost the entire credits list for the hack. We’re basically headless chickens running around trying to find the scraps of what was on that thing, and us trying to contact Slendy has resulted in nothing.

If you did something, or know someone who did something that was used in the FE8 Patreon PME (not Ft. Mangs Emblem), please contact either me, Mangs, or anyone on the PME team as soon as possible. It’s of the upmost importance that we credit everyone who helped us out, and as a personal note, I’d rather not get razed by the community for us forgetting to acknowledge people’s work.


How sad. I cant really help though.

also I wouldn’t help you anyways lel



Seems like the thread is off to a good start already… lol.

Thank you for your, most approciated, wonderful contribution to this topic. in sarcasm


Already posted in discord but I’ll repost here for logging purposes.

I made Nono’s animation (Female Pupil edit).
I made weapon general map sprites (axe and sword). Please credit Nura as well as he made the weapons themselves.
I made a Mangs general map sprite as well (Bald general with axes).

I’m not 100% on if the map sprites are all included in the ROM or not, though.


That’s a contribution, alright. I’ll stop posting for now, since this ain’t my thread anyway.

I don’t expect anyone to know if anything of theirs was used unless they were specifically asked for it. It’d probably be useful to post screenshots or something to show what you’re unsure of.

A list of who these people are would probably help, too.

Mangs’ server is too large for me to see people who are offline, so I’ll just list who I can see is on the PME team atm

Mangs#8030 , FEier#7691 , Zorua the Mage Knight#3371 , Imperial#9858 , Rage#4817 , Shuusuke#3523 , Tambo#5738 , Vandal Swiftblade#3443

As for what was used, I’ve honestly got no idea. I asked them to make a list, and I’ve got nothing back, and I’ve joined too recently to know what was added. I’ll edit this message if I do end up getting it, but for now… /shrug

iirc a lot of the music used comes from the music blitz

Well, that sucks.

I hope that Slendy person responds soon.


@DerSlendy If disliking posts was a feature on FEU, this would be an excellent time to use it.

Nah, that sounds pretty lame.

Just to make that clear, I didn’t leave and I didn’t take any list of credits with me either.
Not my fault that everyone had no idea what to do.

I was just notified of this last month and probably just took a bit too long.

This stuff is sorted out now.

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