Friendblem v.01 -- An FE8 project

Heya! I’m Brentalpot, and I’ve just finished a project for FE8 – featuring 10+ custom characters replacing vanilla ones, their respective palettes, custom animations, and more!
I’ve credited all artists whose work I’ve used in this project, and even edited a few battle animations too.

This was supposed to be a small FE7 patch, but it wasn’t working out so I decided to go all out and put more characters in.
There’s also some major balance changes–all mounted units going from 7-8 move, reducing the weights of axes and lances, dark magic and light magic buffs, and more!
This is my first project so please let me know if there’s any problems or bugs in it so I can try to fix them, and feel free to critique or comment on this rom.

Below is the ZIP file that contains the hack and a text file accrediting the artists work which I used in the ROM.
Have fun!


Apologies, but I’d love to give this a try, and there doesn’t seem to be a link to the patch.

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It’s fine, I just recently joined (about 3-4 hours ago) and I’ve been trying to see why I cant post the dropbox link for about a half an hour now.


Ah, that’s pretty simple. I’d suggest an introduction post, since that usually brings you up into member status, and maybe a few comments on someone else’s topics. PMEs are usually super good for this.


You need to reply on a thread at least once (possibly has to be someone else’s? idk?) and your account needs to be a day old. There might be other stuff but I think that’s the rub


Gotcha. I think I can send links now, lemme give it a shot

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to what?

Base class (7) to Promoted (8)
Some cavs dont have 8 move unlike the other 2 gba games

Hello! The hack seems super promising from the Credits file, there is one thing however is that I believe in the downloadable zip, instead of the game with the hack already applied, you need to put the UPS file patch on it in place, so people can patch it themselves.
Other than that welcome to FEUniverse too. :star:


Cormag’s Wyvern Lord promo getting more speed than Wyvern Knight seems strange considering speed is the main draw of Wyvern Knight, I feel like it’d be more fitting to keep the same gains but get axes instead

(We love swole Falcoknights in this house tho)