Fresher‘s basic Thread

hello guys, I’m Mokha, a fresher to GBAhack. Now I have got through Dummies’ ASM tutoral. Since I have learned some basic knowlage on ASM, now I have got the ASM Hack somehow.
But But I’m still puzzled by some conventional slang. And a few questions want explanation such as:

  1. What means “FE8U” and “FE8J”? what defference are they against FE8_clean.gba?
  2. what means “vanilla routine”? Since I’ve been enconunterd several times when someone interprets their ASM codes.
  3. another hack thread: is there any tutoral to fix the menu when we select one unit, such as let him “SWAP” or use magic like Gaiden style? I can make the asm code but i wonder how to link the menu selection to Activate my ASM code.

forgive my poor English and thank you all!

1: FE8U is the American version. FE8J is the Japanese version. FE8E is the European version, but nobody hacks that. FE8_clean.gba should be an untouched copy of an American rom you got from places we cannot name.
2: A vanilla routine is an ASM routine that is in the game as it was written by Intelligent Systems, the original developers.
3: I can’t help you there.

Hello and welcome!

Darrman got to answers 1 and 2 before I could, so here’s some help with 3:

Here, Stan has written UnitActionRework, which is what is used to add menu commands like Swap to the unit menu and supports as many menu commands as you could need.

For menus, you might also find febuilder useful.

Just as a way to look at the ASM it’s pointing to. Pretty sure my hack already has UnitActionRework that Gamma mentioned applied to it as part of SkillSystems, so that’s probably what you need to look at more than anything.

thx! it really helped me a lot!

thank you very much!!! I found the menu editer in FEB earlier, but have no idea how to configure it, nor do I have knowledge that it can be edited via SkillSystem. I will reread the SkillSystem Tutoral and thank you very much!

thank you very much!