Free space in RAM [FE7]

Does anyone know of any free space in the FE7 RAM?

How much do you need and what for? If it’s just for local variables in ASM your best bet is the stack. Otherwise I think there’s a tiny slice right before 0x2040000(stuff beyond that gets mirrored). There’s a “free store” at 0x20000000 even for a bit but it’s volitale.
Edit: You could alternatively start a thread which will give you about 0x48 bytes of global ram in the 0x202??? region but thosell be cleared on suspend or reset. If you want it to stay even after reset you’re going to need SRAM which starts at 0xE000000 until 0xE007FFF and iirc the game stops using it at around 0xE007400

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I’m only looking for a single byte of free space to make a song unlock check. One part of the asm changes the byte to 0x01 and the check routine checks whether it is 0x01 or 0x0

Sounds like you need something to stay after reset and power off so you need SRAM like I said.
In vanilla FE7 there’s 0xFF padding around 0xE007400 you can use

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Okay, thanks