Four Fanged Offense level requirement

This one’s pretty simple. How do I lower the requirement that your lords have to be at for FFO to give you the Geitz chapter? I seriously could use some help here.

Try changing the byte at 0x07D3AA from 0x31 (decimal 49) to the new value which the lords’ combined level must exceed in order to go to the Linus/Geitz variant of Four-Fanged Offense. For example, if you want the lords to be at a combined level of at least 40, change the byte from 0x31 to 0x27 (decimal 39). FEBuilder includes a hex editor, so it should be easy enough to change this byte without downloading a standalone hex editor. Just remember to click “Write” once you have changed the byte, or it won’t save.

I hope this helps answer your question. Feel free to ask any questions if I was unclear/it doesn’t work for you.

Holy shit thank you

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I maked this patch.