Forum Maintenance Master Thread


Whew, it’s been a while. I completely forgot to add the last update to this thread, but I’ll try to remember that this thread exists in the future so we can have a nice one-stop shop for all this stuff.

As for the actual update:

Many of you may have noticed some new pop-up warnings when you try to bump a thread that’s too old.

I think I’ve managed to stamp out all the bugs where really old threads were getting this warning spuriously, but please let me know if you continue to encounter issues.


If you’re still running into this, try hard-refreshing the page.

2022-12-15 Emergency Maintenance

We had some minor unplanned downtime today when I accidentally kicked off a full-site discourse upgrade without completing a required database upgrade. I think we should be in the clear now.


Wow, I can’t believe we’ve gone over a year without any kind of major downtime. Shoutouts to Discourse support for making the upgrading process more and more seamless as time goes on.

Some of you may have noticed issues when replying to old threads. This is due to a bug in the plugin we use to display the necropost warning (the “this thread hasn’t been posted in for a year, are you sure?” warning); it should be fixed now. Thanks for understanding.


Sorry for the unannounced downtime! I did a bit of an oopsie with a supposedly-minor upgrade and the site got stuck in a bit of a bad state, but I think it’s all been unwound by now.