Forum Maintenance Master Thread

OP under construction; see most recent admin post for most-recent updates.

Just also wanted to mention that in addition to local notes, there will henceforth be a daily backup conducted by Discourse and I’ll be keeping copies on an external hard drive for safety.

Since apparently FEU’s death means hacking dies with it. Well except for Serenes, but what kind of “life” is that?

Alright, the checklist plugin has been installed. I held off from installing shared edit because wiki posts are already native functionality (and it appeared to break the database when I tried anyway). Tagger is installed but appears to be broke, so don’t be overly concerned if there’s a random box next to your new topic window.

Looks like we’re looking towards bigger things on the horizon! Next on my plate will be adding collapsible spoiler tags (if you’re on Chrome or potentially other browsers, you should be able to see that it currently almost exists but not quite at the bottom of the OP), and cleaning up and removing the tagging plugin (which doesn’t work with our current build of discourse, unfortunately).

I’m going to tentatively say that I’ll be performing maintenance roughly on the 18th or 19th, but I’ll keep you all posted.

In the mean time, everyone should head over to the FEU improvement thread and give me more ideas!

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I’ve managed to fix the validation issues that have been plaguing us for a while. Take this as a lesson, kids - always double-check your passwords.

If you get 10k emails from us in the next 5 minutes, that’s my fault!

AND we’re back

Apologies about the downtime, everyone! In case you’ve been noticing “hey! Why are my category colors suddenly tiny???”, that ought to be a hint at the reason: Arch recently updated to Discourse 1.1. Normally, that shouldn’t be a problem (what kind of forum software crashes itself on update, anyway?), but in this case all the old garbage images of the software were still lying around, taking up space. The update actually pushed the disk to full usage, hence the downtime. I’ve gone through and cleaned them out, though, so we ought to be fine for a while now.

I hate the new tag color sizes :frowning:

I think I know how to get the old buttons back, but unless Arch decides to make an executive decision I’d like to leave them for a while and see what public consensus is (open invitation to post here if you have an opinion)

it bugged me at first as well, but it’s grown on me

My main complaint about tiny boxes is this:

Though changing the color of the text would fix it too.

(Unless it’s always been like this and I just didn’t notice then lol)

Do it, because ^ looks dumpy :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s actually something that discourse itself is working on; i’ll see what i can do to fix that but i’m not actually sure that the other fix would fix it either

Also a PSA: Quoting Jeff Atwood, the guy behind Discourse:

[quote]There is no support for per user theming and no plans for it. You may want to point your users to Stylish extension for their browser. [/quote]

There used to be a way I could sort by Starred Threads, but now I can’t do that anymore. It sucks.


Considering the content of this board (the modification of pirated game ROMs from companies that can totally still profit off them), an executive decision has been made to reclassify this forum as a pirate site.

As such, all posts will now be automatically translated to Pirate Speak. Avast, me hearties!



Maybe Nintendo should claim the rights to our shit and force a publishing agreement where we get some pennies on the dollar for producing ROM Hacks on the eShop.

If you’re reading this, BigN. Call me.



Well, unfortunately nobody really noticed the pirate talk (qq). In hindsight, my original idea of making everything ALL CAPS would have been better, but that managed to crash the site (oops!)…

In other news, we’ve upgraded discourse again. They appear to have fixed strikethrough again, @Arch, so you can rest easy.

Avatars on the side of topics not glowing to indicate the most recent poster annoys more more than it should.

I’m actually more annoyed by avatars now being circles instead of squares. But, alas.

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I’m annoyed at the Stretching of Lindsy.