Flag not triggering

in the 2nd chapter of my Rom Hack, I set the Flag to Route the Enemy, but it is not triggering, what am I doing wrong?

This is very vague. Show me your event.

How am I supposed to post a screenshot if I’m getting this message?
“Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

Make a few comments on threads and you should get access to posting links and images.

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Oh alright then.

Alright I am promoted to Trust Level 1 so here’s one problem I’m having, when I finished the route process the finishing of the chapter doesn’t trigger.

This won’t help much, show me your events screen (the “always condition” tab).

Alright here’s what I got.

Why, this is unexpected behaviour. Maybe try playing the previous map again as something might have broken?

I’ve finished the previous map, and I finished a problem with 1 village, visit, completing the 1st chapter of it, but when finishing the 2nd map, it didn’t clear, so I just gave up and put it in a Survival Condition, how am I supposed to set the Defend Condition?

Never Mind, I figured out how to make a Defend Condition.

Are you setting flag 3 someplace else in the chapter? If you are, the game will skip running the event it’s supposed to upon routing the enemy because the completion flag for the event would already be set.

I’ll try it in the Chapter after the next one right now I’m trying to fix the problem with a cutscene in the 3rd Chapter right now, you’ll see the details on my page.

Can you check if I am doing this right?

Why are you switiching the flag on?

I’m just confused on what I’m supposed to do to set the Route Condition, you did say that bombarding enemies nonstop during a defense mission without a healer is a bad idea.

Maybe just have it not spawn enemies non-stop.